Custom Promotional Products: Custom Swag for Yogi Beer Project

BGLG loves custom promotional products… especially for a good cause!  The benefit of The Yogi Beer Project is beyond bringing people together for the celebration of health and community.  Their mission is also to give back in gratitude for all that we are given. The Yogi Beer Project donates event proceeds to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other charities.  We love the cause.  We love beer.  We love yoga!

Now how could The Yogi Beer Project use custom promotional products to help them on their mission?

Using custom promotional products, or promotional merchandise, can serve you in multiple ways:

  • Company Branding
  • Revenue Source
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Gift for Participation
  • Donor Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Client Appreciation
  • Awards
  • Recognition
  • Retail merchandise
  • Souvenirs
  • Golf Tournament
  • Advertising
  • Event Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Company Apparel
  • Product Launch
  • Public Relations
  • Recruitment
  • Team Building
  • Thank You Gift
  • Tradeshows
  • Uniforms
  • Wellness Programs
  • … and more!

When yoga teacher, Brad Elpers, wanted to get more guys to try yoga, he used beer at the local pub after class to lure his buddies to the local yoga studio. It worked!  When he began teaching yoga late in 2014, he decided for his karma yoga, he would turn his little informal yogi beer group into a project that would raise awareness to the benefits of yoga and give back to the community by donating yoga class fees to charitable organizations.  The project was well received.  Brad’s planning included creating a brand that participants likened to a community, and communities love to express their community pride!  What better way to share your pride than with wearables and promotional merchandise you can wear and use in public!?!  We recommended soft, retail-quality t-shirts and beverage-related promotional merchandise, like the custom beer sweater.  For business cards, we recommended paperboard beer coasters, full color, with 2-sided imprint.  As business expands, they could add more wearables like caps, yoga towels that double as bar towels, glassware, and more.  Check out the swag that BGLG provides for the Yogi Beer Project! Check out for more information.

Custom T-shirts


Custom Vino for Bottles (custom beer sweaters)

Custom Zino for Bottles

Custom Beer Sweater


Custom Stadium Cups

Custom Stadium Cups

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Revo Lip Balm: Customize the Revo Ball!

custom lip balm

Custom Revo Ball Lip Balm

Give your brand flavor with custom Revo lip balm.  That’s right.  You can now customize the Revo Ball lip balm. One of the hottest lip balms on the market right now is the Revo Ball Lip Balm.  Why?  Cause it’s smooth? Cause it tastes good?  Cause it’s so cool looking?  Whatever the reason, you are in good hands with BGLG Promos, because we can now customize your very own Revo Ball Lip Balm with your brand!  Custom lip balm gives your brand that sought after flavor you’ve been craving!

Why is this a good idea? Because Custom Lip Balm goes EVERYWHERE with your customers and clients.  That means your brand goes EVERYWHERE for maximum brand exposure!  Not only that, but your client will now think of your brand every time they taste that lip balm flavor.  Speaking of flavors, the Revo Ball Lip Balm comes in Strawberry, Cherry, Blue Razberry, Mint, Melon Mint, Watermelon, Pomegranate and Tangerine!

Custom lip balm works great for fundraisers and retail merchandise for increasing revenue.  They make the perfect, small and personal favor to give your team that sweet incentive to go the extra distance for your programs.  They add greater value to your gifts, packages and messages that will be appreciated long after delivery.  You have so many options… if you need some help with the creative juices… give us a call or email.  We’re here for you.

So go on and do it!  Pair your brand with your favorite flavor!

custom lip balm

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Beach Nik: Custom Drink Holder for the Beach

Custom drink holder

Custom Beach Nik

Put your Brand in the Sand with Custom Drink Holders!

Brand the beach with the Beach Nik, the  hottest new custom drink holders for the beach!

Ever set your drink down when you’re lying on the beach and your drink falls over?  I know I have.  So you get smart and dig a small hole in the sand so your drink won’t fall over, but then you have sand all over your drink!  BGLG Promos has a solution!  It’s the Beach Nik!  These custom drink holders are simply plastic cups with a spike in the bottom to hold it in the sand!  Now you have the perfect place for your beer, I mean drink, so that it won’t fall over or get sand all over the bottom.

You like convenience right?  One of the best things about the Beach Nik is it’s easily washable.  It’s also stackable, so you can take four or five with you to the beach without taking up so much space.  Custom drink holders come in eleven different colors, and they’re customizable with your company logo!  Boom! Brand awareness at the beach drinking Mai Tais!

Not only are these custom Beach Niks great for your drinks, but you can put your custom sunglasses, car keys, phone, snacks or any item you want inside the Beach Nik to keep it out of the sand!  These custom drink holders aren’t just for the beach and sand… think concerts, grass lawns, volleyball, baseball and soccer games, picnics and theater in the park, weekends at the lake, camping, parades, or nearly anything you do outside where there is ground… the custom Beach Nik is the perfect, inexpensive promo merchandise for your brand to share in the fun!

And seriously, check out that link to the custom sunglasses. 😉

custom promotional merchandise

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Custom Beer Bottle Caps

custom bottle caps

Top it off!

Top-Off Your Brand with Custom Bottle Caps

Save the beer!  And keep your logo hip and fresh while you are at it with Top-Off custom bottle caps.  These wonderful little custom beer bottle caps work perfectly to draw attention to your brand, especially with their bright colors.  Add your logo to the beer bottle caps, of course, for the perfect branding to craft beer fans everywhere.  These custom beer bottle caps are great promo give-a-ways too because of their inexpensive price.

They’re non-toxic PVC, durable, flexible, dishwasher safe, and reusable… designed to keep your bottled beverage fresh.  Custom bottle caps keep the fresh in, and the bugs out!

These custom bottle caps work great on more than just beer bottles!  Keep your grog fresh, keep your root beer fresh, keep your soda pop fresh.  Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!

The silicone bottle caps are screen printed with your logo, brand, or message.  They’re also extremely light weight.  This makes them a great choice for creating curiosity with mail marketing.  Their light weight and small size also make them easy to carry.  And they’re inexpensive, so your clients will like having several… for their cars, purses, at home, the office, the garage, and in the bar.  The custom bottle caps make for versatile promo merchandise… they are perfect for pubs, bars, music festivals, trade shows, the beach, spring break, weddings, private parties, sporting events, and more.

Plan in advance!  These silicone bottle caps take 2-3 weeks for production, plus shipping, so they don’t make great last minute choices for your marketing events.  So plan ahead, and top-off your branding with some hip SWAG, and experience the real power of promotional merchandise! Hurrah beer!

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Hurrah fresh beer!

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Custom Camelbak Water Bottles NEW!


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Okay guzzlers, chuggers, and gulpers… the Camelbak Chute is now available for you to add your logo.  Why?  Cuz your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle makes you LOOK so cool, you don’t even need to BE cool.  Really?!  Yep.  It just works that way with co-branding.  Take an unknown brand and add it to a well known and established brand… instant coolness.

Call Big Guy Little Guy today to inquire about your logo on Camelbak water bottles, and other branded promotional merchandise, and up your cool factor today!

Create a Cool Day!

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Customized Cowboy Hats

customized drifter cowboy hats

straw drifter cowboy hat

Straw cowboy hats are a great promotional merchandise item, especially for the summer, AND, Big Guy Little Guy will customize your cowboy hat with your logo embroidered on a 2″ band that fits around the base of the crown.  We have a 1.25″ elastic band that fits the flat Moroccan straw drifter cowboy hat, and we have the wider, 2″ twill band that fits the twisted seagrass straw hats.  These are great for summer holiday promotions and outdoor events!

These aren’t just any junky, cheap straw hats either.  These are quality straw hats by Peter Grimm.  Promotional merchandise doesn’t have to look so cheesy.  Your brand can have style!

customized straw hats

straw gambler hat

The custom gambler straw hat is a warm-weather favorite, made of an environmentally friendly, natural, twisted seagrass.  It has a khaki elastic sweatband and one has a pre-curved brim.  The custom safari straw hat is also perfect for warm weather, and made of environmentally friendly, natural, twisted seagrass.  It too has a khaki elastic sweatband, but just a slightly curved brim. Both are great for providing some cool summer shade.

The custom straw cowboy hat is made of 100% flat Moroccan straw with metal eyelets, has a pre-curved brim, and a built in elastic headband.  This fitted custom cowboy hat is stained for a distressed look.  It comes in two colors, natural and tea stain brown.

custom straw safari hats

straw safari hat

Whatever your warm-weather promotion, let your brand give style, shade, and a whole lotta cool to your customers.

Other cap and hat styles are available.  Contact us for more info.

Create a cool day!

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Personalized Mason Jars are Hot Promotional Items!

custom mason jarsPersonalized mason jars have been one of the hottest promotional merchandise items of 2013 and 2014.  And styles of customized mason jars have been growing.  From the traditional single walled glass mason jar without a handle, then with a handle, then acrylic, then double walled acrylic, and now in stainless steel, the personalized mason jar tumbler options just keep growing.

Option 1: “Budget” glass.  You can have no handle or with a handle.  Customized glass mason jars are the least expensive option.  It’s still a classy options… go retro!

Option 2: “Acrylic” is in, and if you want to roll with the big guys but spend like the little guys, single walled mason jars with no handle are the way to go.  They are great for low price point promotions that look and feel popular.

personalized stainless steel mason jar tumblers


Option 3: “Double Walled Acrylic” is hot.  It doesn’t sweat, it is considered “insulated”, and if you’re sporting a handle, you’re just plain maxed out with features.  This is what people shopping retail are looking for!  So with this option, you have the highest perceived value.

Option 4: “Stainless Steel” is tough!  They’re 30oz, so they’re huge!  And, right now they’re still single walled, and they do sweat, but they are still the manliest way to sport a customized mason jar tumbler.

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Custom Guitars

Rock your Brand

Rock your Brand

Want to tell someone they Rock?  How about a custom Guitar?!

These Fully Custom Guitars are on the higher priced side of the promotional product industry, but they sure are cool!  Show your thanks in a big, bold and loud way with the loudest promotional gift ever!  We all know music connects people everywhere, so why not connect people with your brand?

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

These custom promotional guitars are not only perfect for the music industry, but they are a great conversation piece and look fantastic on display in the office!

Here is an example of the details you get with the Acoustic Guitar:

This full sized acoustic dreadnought guitar is well-built and affordably priced for the best promo value possible. Special attention is given to the neck angle to ensure that every guitar is intonated and playable. Martin strings are used to make this guitar even easier to play. This is by far the best acoustic guitar value that you will find, period! Available in black, red, blue and natural.


  • White Wood Body
  • Maple Neck
  • High Gloss Finish
  • 20 Frets
  • Dot Inlays
  • Sealed Die-Cast Tuners
  • Laminated Vinyl Wrap

You choose from your favorite guitar style!  We have Fenders, Stagg Vintage-T, Peavey Rockmaster, AXL Badwater, Acoustic and many more!  We even have custom Banjos, which are my personal favorite!

Custom Banjo

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Testimonials: Custom Contigo West Loop

Contigo Westloop Gun Metal 16 Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug
We got a high-quality item that was functional and looked great. Our donors were very pleased with the product and you can find a well-used tumbler on every desk or in every car of our entire staff. Big Guy Little Guy is definitely “nonprofit organization” friendly and helped us find an incentive gift which respected the value of our donors contributions while still staying within our restrictive budget. and helped us find an incentive gift which respected the value of our donors contributions while still staying within our restrictive budget.

We love feedback and testimonial, especially with pictures!
Make sure your check out Allied Art OKC!  They are a fantastic non-profit organization! Like them on Facebook! Follow on Twitter!
And of course contact us to get your Custom Contigo!
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Beer Growler: Custom Growlers

2L European Swing Top Growlers

One of my new favorite promotional products this year is the Beer Growler!

A little background of the Growler: A growler is a container that is traditionally used to transport draft beer or even cold-brew coffee.  The term “Growler” originated as a reference to the sound that came from the containers as carbon dioxide escaped from the beer that was inside.  Beer Growlers come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can also be made of different materials such as Glass(both amber, clear and cobalt), Stainless Steel and Ceramic.

Growlers can now be customized with your Brewery Logo!  What I love about the custom growler is breweries can get their beer out into the marketplace without a huge upfront cash investment!  Over the last few years craft and micro-breweries have been popping up all over the country.  Custom Growlers are becoming a very popular method for customers to transport beer from their favorite local brewery.  Want to increase your brand exposure?  Setup a beer growler refill program with your custom growlers!  Not only will customers come back for the great deal they are getting on your beer, but your logo will be carried all over town!

This post we’re going to focus on some of the variations of Glass Growlers that we carry.

One of the coolest looking Glass Growlers is the 2L European Growler with Swing Top shown at the top left of this post.  This custom growler is my favorite glass growler due to it’s unique shape, the metal handle and bulky swing top.  This Growler is so cool, it’s great for displaying when not in use!

Another unique Custom Growler is the 2L Palla Swing Top Growler.  This also has a cool shape that is perfect for displaying.

2L Palla Swing Top Growler

2L Palla Swing Top Growler

Next is the 32 oz EZ Cap Flip Top Growler.  This growler comes in Amber and Cobalt Blue!

EZ Cap Flip Top

EZ Cap Flip Top

Then we have the 32 oz Boston Round Growlers that come in Amber and Clear.  These custom growlers have a twist on reusable cap.

Boston Round Growler

Boston Round Growler

The last growler that we carry in glass is the standard 64 oz or 32 oz Growler with handle.  This growler also has a twist on cap and comes in Clear and Amber.

Clear 64 oz Growler with Handle

64 oz Growler with Handle

Amber 64 oz Growler with Handle


So many shapes and sizes!  What not put your logo on all of these!

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