Acrylic Tumblers with Straw: Glitter Cups in Colors Available!!!

acrylic tumblers with straw

Blank or With Your Logo

Our most popular tumbler, the 16oz acrylic cup with lid and straw, is now available in glitter colors.  The 16oz double walled acrylic glitter cup with lid and straw will glamorize your custom logo or design! Hurray for glittery goodness!!!

Personally, I think it’s cool that the glitter is on the inside of the sealed double wall.  That means the glitter can’t get out!  Why is that good? I have a friend with three daughters in dance.  They have glitter costumes, and glitter clothes, and glitter jewelry, and glitter make up.  I think glitter is embedded in every fabric in the house.  It’s on the floor, the pillows… probably even just floating in the air.  Every time I visit her at her house, I end up leaving with glitter on me. And you know glitter… it doesn’t just come off!  It’s there, on me.  And if you try and rub it off it just goes deeper in.  It’s crazy!

So glitter on me… not so good.  Glitter sealed inside your glittery good acrylic tumbler with straw… soooo good! We offer these acrylic tumblers with straws blank or with your logo glamorized on the side or fully wrapped around the glitter cup.

Glitter tumblers with straws are a great way to mix up your acrylic tumbler with straw collection.

Order your custom glitter cups from BGLG today!

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glitter cups

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