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Custom Contigo Mug Byron

Spill-Proof Branding with the Custom Contigo Mug:

The 16oz Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug with SnapSeal Technology

This new custom Contigo mug, the Byron, includes Contigo’s SnapSeal technology.  The one-piece leak-proof SnapSeal lid is quick and easy to clean and it prevents leaks too.  Wow… kind of a no-brainer for businesses that prevent leaks and clean up spills.  BP, how about you? Do it!

custom Contigo mugBut is this technology difficult to use?  Up is open.  Down is closed.  Done.  Wait!  Not done.  The stainless steel tumbler also features Contigo’s Thermalock vacuum insulated mug with a comfortable grip that makes this the perfect beverage delivery device for both left and right handed drinkers.  Once again, a no-brainer for ambidextrous drinkers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the most technologically sound drinkware container we’ve ever seen, and it’s quite possibly one of the most amazing, advanced examples of drinkware in recorded history.  As a matter of fact, ancient alien astronaut theorists believe this drinkware technology could have only been delivered by the hand of, that’s right, aliens.  I mean it’s even BPA free!!!

The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe, and the mug diameter has been constructed to fit most car cup-holders.  I wonder if Contigo made R2-D2.

Every time I think of a custom Contigo mug I remembercustom Contigo mug the words of two of our clients… a representative from the United States Marine Corp and another from an ad agency in Minnesota both told me that after their organizations each researched via the world wide interwebs for the best quality drinkware available, Contigo was hands down the best choice.  In fact, both clients told me personally, if they couldn’t do the custom Contigo mug for their brands, they wouldn’t bother branding drinkware.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that is powerful!

Consider a custom Contigo mug for your next promotional merchandise project, and we here at BGLG Promos will be happy to help you with custom Contigo, and many other custom promotional products.

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Custom Stainless Steel Growlers

Craft Beer SWAG: Custom Stainless Steel Growlers

custom stainless steel growlers

64oz Custom Stainless Steel Growlers

You’ve crafted the perfect beer, so protect the perfect taste in the perfect custom beer growler.  You can fill this vessel with 64 ounces of delicious craft beer!  Your beer’s magnificence will be safely preserved in this 18/8 stainless steel thermal growler with copper vacuum insulation.  The top is adorned with a convenient threaded carrying handle lid.  Currently, this custom growler is available in stainless steel color.  The matte black color will be in stock approximately mid June 2014.  Hand washing is recommended, and this is not microwave safe.  Growler height is 12″ with lid, 10 3/4″ without lid. The growler can hold up to 60PSI, and we include a retail gift box for your very own custom stainless steel growler.

Custom stainless steel growlers are perfect for breweries and taprooms/restaurants who can retail beer to the public.  They make excellent premium gifts.  People who appreciate craft beer, especially from the tap, will appreciate a custom growler of this quality.  You can retail these at your brewery, taproom, restaurant, and in your online store.  They also make excellent gifts for your best customers.  Corporations who employ craft beer lovers will remember and appreciate the gift of this custom stainless steel growler with your logo for a lifetime.

custom stainless steel growlersAn investment in this premium quality custom stainless steel growler will ensure your brand is appreciated as appropriately as the time and passion you invest in your own craft beer.

If only we could pick up our local brew in custom stainless steel growlers at our local grocery stores. Food markets like Whole Foods in Olathe, KS, with their Lone Elm Taproom, would be ideal for this… and they need these custom stainless steel growlers too!

The following warning is on the bottom of this custom stainless steel growler: GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic
beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages
impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health

Give BGLG Promos a holler, cuz we love beer!  We’ll help you with your custom growlers, as well as any other beer swag you need.

Cheers!custom promotional products

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Custom Beer Bottle Caps

custom bottle caps

Top it off!

Top-Off Your Brand with Custom Bottle Caps

Save the beer!  And keep your logo hip and fresh while you are at it with Top-Off custom bottle caps.  These wonderful little custom beer bottle caps work perfectly to draw attention to your brand, especially with their bright colors.  Add your logo to the beer bottle caps, of course, for the perfect branding to craft beer fans everywhere.  These custom beer bottle caps are great promo give-a-ways too because of their inexpensive price.

They’re non-toxic PVC, durable, flexible, dishwasher safe, and reusable… designed to keep your bottled beverage fresh.  Custom bottle caps keep the fresh in, and the bugs out!

These custom bottle caps work great on more than just beer bottles!  Keep your grog fresh, keep your root beer fresh, keep your soda pop fresh.  Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!

The silicone bottle caps are screen printed with your logo, brand, or message.  They’re also extremely light weight.  This makes them a great choice for creating curiosity with mail marketing.  Their light weight and small size also make them easy to carry.  And they’re inexpensive, so your clients will like having several… for their cars, purses, at home, the office, the garage, and in the bar.  The custom bottle caps make for versatile promo merchandise… they are perfect for pubs, bars, music festivals, trade shows, the beach, spring break, weddings, private parties, sporting events, and more.

Plan in advance!  These silicone bottle caps take 2-3 weeks for production, plus shipping, so they don’t make great last minute choices for your marketing events.  So plan ahead, and top-off your branding with some hip SWAG, and experience the real power of promotional merchandise! Hurrah beer!

Contact Big Guy Little Guy Promotions today to get your custom promotional craft beer merchandise today.

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Promote Your Brand!

Hurrah fresh beer!

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Custom Camelbak Water Bottles NEW!

custom Camelbak water bottle

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New Hotness… Custom Camelbak Water Bottle

A great custom water bottle for guzzlers, chuggers, and gulpers… the wide-mouth Camelbak Chute is now available for you to add your logo.  Why?  Cuz your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle makes you LOOK so cool, you don’t even need to BE cool.  Really?!  Yep.  Co-branding your brand with that of a trusted, reliable, household retail brand name offers your business a level of credibility, acceptance, and even tolerance.  The co-branding may assume you a foot in the door and a level of trust that would otherwise take you more time and investment in the business relationship.  With this level of trust, you can begin to cultivate your relationships with clients more quickly, building rapport, and helping your clients realize success with your business, service, or goods sooner rather than later.

You also benefit from the “rub-off” value.  Take an unknown brand and add it to a well known and established brand… instant coolness.

The quality of retail brands will likely call for a larger investment in your promotional merchandise.  You can save money by purchasing less expensive promo industry custom water bottles, however you’re likely to sacrifice quality, and occasionally the quality can be so poor the illusion of receiving a useful promotional product is short-lived as the product breaks within a single use or two, finding it a quick home in the garbage.

The question you want to ask yourself is, if I received this product, what would I think.  Order a sample of your low-priced promo and use it.  Test it out.  See how you feel both with your first impression, and after spending some time with it.  Does it’s quality represent the value, quality, and overall impression you liken to your own brand of good or service?  It may seem like a lot to consider for a custom water bottle, but consider the impact of the smallest details… and the experience you are creating for your staff, team, employees, clients, and prospects.

We are glad to assist you in creating quality promotional merchandise you can be proud of, like a custom Camelbak water bottle.

Call Big Guy Little Guy Promos today to inquire about your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle, and other branded promotional merchandise, and up your cool factor today!

Create a Cool Day!

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Personalized Mason Jars are Hot Promotional Items!

custom mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, double walled acrylic with lid, straw, and handle

Personalized Mason Jars are the New Hotness!

Personalized mason jars have been one of the hottest promotional merchandise items of 2013, 2014, and continue to be hot in 2015.  And styles of customized mason jars have been growing.  From the traditional single-walled glass mason jar without a handle, then with a handle, then acrylic, then double walled acrylic, and now in stainless steel, the personalized mason jar tumbler options just keep growing.  Here are a few options for personalized mason jars to help guide you in your decision making process.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 1: Glass. “Budget” glass.  You can have no handle or with a handle.  Customized glass mason jars are the least expensive option.  It’s still a classy options… go retro!

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 2: Single-walled acrylic. “Acrylic” is in, and if you want to roll with the big guys but spend like the little guys, single walled mason jars with no handle are the way to go.  They are great for low price point promotions that look and feel popular.

personalized mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, stainless steel with lid and straw

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 3: Double-walled acrylic. “Double Walled Acrylic” is hot.  It doesn’t sweat, it is considered “insulated”, and if you’re sporting a handle, you’re just plain maxed out with features.  This is what people shopping retail are looking for!  So with this option, you have the highest perceived value.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 4: Stainless steel. “Stainless Steel” is tough! Tough stuff, and tough to beat! They are a 30oz capacity, making them huge!  And, right now they’re still single-walled, which means they do “sweat”.  Their durable and tough steel construction likely make them the manliest way to sport a customized mason jar tumbler.

Be sure to check out our online store for more options, or contact us today for help with the best promotional merchandise you can find!

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Personalized Beer Mugs and Pong Cups

personalized beer mugsOkay fancy craft beer drinkers… now you can get your big time fancy brand on and your drink on with this ceramic, beer-pong-style mug with a handle.   So get that fancy pinky high up in their air and celebrate beer with us!

This week I will be doing a special series on great beer swag promotional products in honor of the 2014 American Craft Brew Week.  Hurray beer!  Hurray USA!  HURRAY USA BEER!

This personalized beer mug has been nicely modeled after the infamous beer pong cup, which is in itself a terrific for your custom beer swag arsenal.  It holds 14oz of chilled beer so nicely, you’ll be able to enjoy sips and samples from all your favorite breweries at beer festivals, parties, gatherings, or even just hanging at home with family or friends.

It is important that you have some beer swag for your beer brand that is unique.  Your beer swag needs to stand out amongst all the countless pint glasses and cheap bottle koozies at every beer tasting.  This could very well be the solution you need.  If not, well, we’re BGLG, and beer swag is what we do! Custom beer glasses, personalized beer glasses, personalized beer mugs, personalized pint glasses, ceramic beer mugs, custom tshirts, custom caps, custom bottle openers, and so many more unique and creative ways to promote your brand!  Contact us for more info today.


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Custom Acrylic Mason Jar With Lid and Straw

Personalized Acrylic Mason JarsThe all new custom acrylic mason jar with lid and straw.  They’re here!

The personalized mason jar is made of Tritan copolyester, which means it’s a strong cup, yet it won’t shatter like glass when it’s dropped.  This makes it much safer for your outdoor gatherings, bbqs, family reunions, company picnics, etc.

And, it comes in 9 different colors meaning you have a lot of options for making your brand shine.

We also offer the custom acrylic mason jar with lid and straw blank, so you can get it at low, low, low wholesale pricing for your own custom mason jar projects.

Ready, set, order today!  Acrylic mason jar tumblers are here!

Create a Great Day!

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Custom Rugby Jerseys

custom rugby shirts Your team will love this heavyweight 12oz rugby jersey, and BGLG can customize it with your team name, logo, numbers, and player names.  Totally custom just the way you want it.  We screen print and embroider, and we offer specialty embellishments!  The custom rugby jersey has authentic rubbery buttons, is 12oz heavyweight 60/40 cotton-poly blend fabric, complete with 4″ collegiate strips on the sleeves and a white twill collar and placket.   Available in 9 colors and sizes from XXS to 4XL.

The custom rugby jerseys aren’t just for teams.  Customized rugby shirts are great for companies and brands too!  Build a sense of teamwork by offering an office team uniform.  We can create a customized rugby shirt for your staff to wear on special days.  Launching a brand targeted at athletes?  A custom rugby jersey would be perfect to promote your new product.  Custom rugby shirts are unique promotional merchandise solutions, and definitely hold a higher perceived value than a hoodie!

Let’s get your team and staff geared up!

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Customized Contigo Westloop with Your Brand

customized contigo

Semi-wrap imprint option

Go Customized Contigo!

We said go Contigo, and you went!  The custom Contigo Westloop is an absolute winner! We have received orders from Ford Motor Company to the Marines, non-profit art organizations to retail brands, cybertech companies to medical institutions; the demand for the customized Contigo Westloop is tremendous!  Even ad agencies recognize the power of co-branding with quality names like Contigo, and are inviting Big Guy Little Guy to help create the perfect promotional merchandise for their clients.  It simply works.

Why?  Quality, quality, and quality!  Contigo offers superior craftsmanship and technology in drinkware, and many brands see aligning yourself with this quality leaves a lasting impression and creates a conversational buzz.  It is, in fact, generating an ultimate “Wow!” experience among the brands co-branding with customized Contigo, and the people receiving the product.

Maybe you are making a first impression, maybe you are reminding your employees how much you care, maybe you are simply expressing to an audience the quality of character represented by your own brand.  In any case, BGLG understands what matters, and wants to help create lasting impressions.

BGLG Promos will create the perfect promotional merchandise solutions to help you “Wow!” your customers and clients.  Contact us today to get started! And start with customized Contigo!

Create a Great Day!

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customized promotional merchandise

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Custom Pilot Pens

Custom Pilot G2 PenThe Pilot G2 gel pen is one of the most popular pens for both personal and business use, and a perfect solution to promotional merchandise.  Combine a recognized brand name with a strong credibility for quality, and a product already trusted for its reliability and writing perfection, and you have the recipe for a successful branding tool.  Are your current custom pens quality?  Are your current custom pens reliable?  Are you confident your current custom pens aren’t being thrown in the trash?  Too often, for the sake of low price, poor quality custom pens are used as a solution to cheap advertising.  So companies end up with cheap promotional products that your customers and employees associate with your brand, and then throw in the trash.  If your promotional merchandise ends up in the trash, how much money are you really saving?

Consider the impact of someone, your customer or employee, receiving your promotional merchandise and feeling lucky.  Consider your customers and employees receiving your promotional merchandise and saying to themselves, “Wow, this is cool!”.

BGLG wants to help your brand be cool.  We have been selling custom Pilot gel pens for years.  They work! Discover writing perfection, and discover brand coolness.

Create a Great Day!

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