Beer Growler: Custom Growlers

beer growler: custom growlers

2L European Swing Top Growlers

“One of my new favorite promotional products this year is the Custom Beer Growler!”

Custom Growlers

Hurrah for a custom growler! A little background on the Beer Growler: A growler is a container that is traditionally used to transport draft beer or even cold-brew coffee.  The term “Growler” originated as a reference to the sound that came from the containers as carbon dioxide escaped from the beer that was inside.  Beer Growlers come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can also be made of different materials such as glass (amber, clear and cobalt), stainless steel and ceramic custom growlers.

Beer growlers can now be customized with your brewery logo! What I love about the custom growler is breweries can get their beer out into the marketplace without a huge upfront cash investment!  Over the last few years craft and micro-breweries have been popping up all over the country.  The custom growlers is becoming a very popular method for customers to transport beer from their favorite local brewery to home.  Want to increase your brand exposure?  Set up a beer growler refill program using your custom growlers!  Not only will customers come back for the great deal they are getting on your beer, but your logo will be carried all over town.  And you know your customers love to plaster pics of your custom growlers all over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

This post we’re going to focus on some of the variations of custom glass growlers that we carry.

One of the coolest looking glass growlers is the 2L European Growler with Swing Top shown at the top left of this post.  This custom growler is my favorite glass growler due to it’s unique shape, the metal handle and bulky swing top.  This beer growler is so cool, and it’s great for displaying when not in use!

Another unique custom growler is the 2L Palla Swing Top Growler.  This also has a cool shape that is perfect for displaying.

custom growlers

2L Palla Swing Top Growler

Next is the 32 oz EZ Cap Flip Top Growler.  This growler comes in amber and cobalt blue!

custom growlers

EZ Cap Flip Top

Then we have the 32 oz Boston Round Growlers that come in amber and clear.  These custom growlers have a twist on reusable cap.

custom growlers

Boston Round Growler

The last growler that we carry in glass is the standard 64 oz or 32 oz Growler with handle.  This growler also has a twist on cap and comes in clear and amber.

custom growlers

Clear 64 oz Growler with Handle

custom growlers

Amber 64 oz Growler with Handle


Custom growlers come in so many shapes and sizes!  Why not put your logo on all of these?!

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  1. chuck says:

    interested in a quote for european 64oz swing top growlers with one color logo white on amber. 144 to start.

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