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Custom Logo’d Driving Hat Cap Kangol type Hat with YOUR LOGO $20!

It’s time to call a change-up play. If you’re like me, you are probably tired of the traditional baseball cap with the company logo….by now, you have 10 in your basement, and its soon to be 11 this bonus period. Or is it? Driving caps are rapidly gaining popularity for their style and uniqueness. They provide a vintage look with a custom fit!

And here’s the best part: You can get these with YOUR logo on them for as low as $20/ea!

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Thanks All, New Guy


Custom Automatic Movement Watch with YOUR Company Logo for under $100! Aristocrat!

We all know how important name recognition is. For those of you who understand that name recognition is not just about having your name of random plastic swag, you are in for a treat. An EXTREMELY important part of name reconition is having your name on a QUALITY piece.

I will never forget the Pharmacutical Rep who wanted pens but skimped on the quality….let’s just put it this way..would YOU be encouraged to take HIS brand of BIRTH CONTROL if his pens only worked half the time???? You may be chuckling, but that is a TRUE STORY, sadly enough. Ok, I think I’ve made my point!

Now we have MANY quality watches that we can put your logo on, and this one may just be king. When you move from battery-powered to automatic movement, your clients, employees, and members will know that you mean business.  They just don’t have to know you paid LESS THAN $100 FOR IT! That’ll be our secret!

6 units | $149.99

25 units | $109.99

50 units | $104.99

100 units | $99.99

RT93 Check-Mate Automatic Movement Watch

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Custom Screen Printing American Apparel Style Shirts! $4 each!

Everyone needs shirts. Teams, Clubs, Groups, Events, etc…However, most people do not know what to get or how to get it, resulting in spending too much money. I am not talking about more than is bugeted for, I am talking about just more than is needed to complete the job. Thats where we come in.

Big Guy Little Guy is here to service, well, the big guys, and the little guys just the same. Now, lets get down to business.

The American Apparel tee is a gorgeous combination of 100% ringspun cotton and American know-how. BUT, there are other T-shirts out there that fit, feel, smell, and even taste the same. The only thing that’ s not the same is the price. Myself, and the entire staff here at Big Guy Little Guy have inspected these shirts and found one that is almost IDENTICAL to the American Apparel 2001 shirt.

This shirt, however, is much more competitively priced! As an example, I have thrown some actual numbers together for you to gander at.

A basic white shirt with a one color screen print would run you something along the lines of:

12 pieces| $10.88/ea

24 pieces| $6.70/ea

48 pieces| $4.62/ea

96 pieces| $4.46/ea

144 pieces| $4.00/ea

BGLGamerican_apparel_american copy


Custom Golf Shirts – Inexpensive Embriodery/Screen Printing/ Lazer Etching

Summer is officially here, and that means GOLF is officially here. Being a huge golfer myself, I understand how different the game can be depending on what type of shirt you are wearing.

It is pretty apparent that 100% Polyester shirts are in. That’s why I did extensive research to find the best golf shirt for your money. Being a huge Under Armour fan, I wanted to find the most similar feel and look, without having to fork out $60.

That was when I came across these bad boys. Not only have I seen a picture of them, I own two personally, and they are the most comfortable shirts I have in my collection (which includes Callaway and Under Armour shirts).

Best of all, we can do these with a custom job for under $31!!! Thats less than these shirts are supposed to retail for!



Custom Bling T-Shirts!

Very cool and at a minimum 50 units for an order you can do custom printed rhinestone bling t-shirts without spending a lot of money.  Great idea for the ladies!  Promote a new brand, sororities, schools, groups, have fun with it!


Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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Custom Golf Shirts… brand names like Ping, Adidas, Nike & Tehama!

Update: Tehama was sold to a company that has sold off the inventory and is rebuilding the line… stay tuned for a whole new attitude!

Embroidered Shirts

We do embroidery!

If you follow my posts you know I love Tehama apparel.  Great brand, quality product, and on the corporate side we sell it at a very reasonable price!  Tehama’s spokesperson is Clint Eastwood for cryin’ out loud… how could your brand not win over the hearts of America’s sportsmen with a spokesperson like that!?!

Tehama is a brand with so much integrity and of the highest quality that you never see it on sale unless you’re buying last years close-outs!  I love it… seriously… contact me right now and order a few for your staff… minimum custom imprint is ONE!

So on to my purpose for this post… weekly I get emails for specials, and in the current economy manufacturers and suppliers of our products are doing so many things to reel in new business.  As far as custom golf shirts… certain styles of Ping, Ogio, & Nike are discounted up to 33%.  At that discount, and combined with your corporate price… you’re looking at a really good deal!

Get in touch with us to find out pricing and details to put your logo on a brand name golf shirt.  We have great priced corporate brands too!  Some are directly inspired by brand names and are of every bit the same quality without the steep price.

Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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The North Face Softshell Inexpensive Imitation Custom Printed Orders!


These jackets are the coolest alternatives to buying authentic The North Face jackets for your employees, team, fraternity, or group. These bad boys are manufactured to the same specifications that the awesome “The North Face” jackets are. They are designed to look exactly like their more expensive counterpart!

You can have your corporate logo, shield, sign or anything either embroidered, screen printed or etched on to the jackets for only a couple of bucks more per jacket!

Now your basketball team will show up in style with jackets that shout “who’s the boss now?” Shoot, these will even make your chess team look good. And at only $45 a piece??!! That’s a steal. Go ahead. Price around. You won’t find a jacket this cool with a price this hot! Email for a quote! We do large and small orders!

“But what about quality? I have heard that you get what you pay for! Will these shirts fall apart after a couple of times through the wash?” Nope. When it comes to the clothing industry, to a certain extent, you DO pay for quality. BUT, a lot of the price is just in the name. Now, I am not allowed to tell you that most brand names and generic names are made in the SAME FACTORIES with the SAME FABRICS to the SAME SPECIFICATIONS. Since I am not allowed to tell you that, I won’t. And I’ll leave it at that.


Thanks All!

New Guy


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Custom Golf Sport Shirt with YOUR corporate logo!

Mmm…I don’t know what’s more sexy about this polo….the look, the feel, or the price! How about a lightweight 100% micro polyester pique sports shirt that is versatile and good for ALL occasions?! Sound good? Well, how about we throw some Scotchgard Anti-Stain finish on there to keep even the slobs looking good. That’s what I’m talking about!

We can now offer this remarkable polo with YOUR LOGO for under $25!!! How about that!? I encourage you to try and beat that. Here at Big Guy Little Guy, we’re all about stretching your budget. We go to great lengths to bring you the best quality for your dollar. Call us up! Ask us questions! If you are looking for something in particular, just ask!


Thanks All!

New Guy


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Custom The North Face Softshell Style Jackets with YOUR Corporate Logo!

How many company t-shirts/ jackets do you have stored in your closet that you have no intentions on wearing? “Thanks boss, for that long sleeve screen printed company tee, but now goodwill is having a hard time getting rid of it.” The reality is that many employees aren’t interested in their company’s mission statement or long history of accomplishments. They may not want to be a walking billboard for their company, especially when they are off work.

How about this? Brand names like The North Face, Colombia, and Mountain Sportswear have seized the market. Their products are considered extremely cool and practical. How do YOU capitalize on this? How about giving your employees similar shirts, jackets, hats, etc. with YOUR company logo in the same familiar spots that you normally see brand names like The North Face Logo? This would actually encourage employees to WANT to wear their company gear during and outside of their 40 hours/wk!

What would this type of promotional jacket run you? Under $40. How cool is that?! You are getting the type of jacket that usually sells for $90 for under half the price with YOUR name on it!

More exposure = more revenue in the long run!



Thanks all!

New Guy


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