Personalized Halloween Bags

Personalized drawstring back sackIt is almost time for Halloween.  YAAAAAAY!!!

Children will be scouring the neighborhoods and businesses looking for treats.  Help them be safe with this black and orange bag with reflective stripes… and show off your community support while you’re at it. We can add your logo to this non-woven drawstring backsack bag.  This personalized halloween bag is a great promo to give to children and their parents for kids to use while trick-or-treating.

Please contact us to today to begin your personalized halloween promotional swag (Stuff.We.All.Get).

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Custom Neoprene Lunch Bag with Your Logo

blue neoprene lunch bagspurple neoprene lunch bagsgreen neoprene lunch bagspink neoprene lunch bags

The neoprene lunch bags, especially the Built neoprene lunch bags, are very popular.  BGLG can custom your neoprene lunch bag with your logo for employee gifts, premium trade show give-aways, incentives, school promotions, fundraisers, and more.  It’s a practical, everyday product and great for your promotional product #brandswag.

Built neoprene lunch bags are the most popular, widely seen lunch bags, sometimes the savings of going with a non-brand promotional product are important to your budget.  And if you can save a few dollars per lunch bag, it may be the right choice for you.

This custom neoprene lunch bag with your logo will look and feel like a quality brand, yet go easier on your promotional budget.  It comes in a purple or pink with patter, lime, blue, or black.  It has a 5-can capacity and a zipper closure.  It’s a sure winner for you with your logo!

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Custom BYO Lunch Bag by Built

Custom Built lunch bags, bottle totes, and tech accessories
BYO lunch bags by Built are some of the hottest neoprene lunch bags in stores.  BGLG will add your logo to the BYO neoprene lunch bags to create a custom lunch box promotional product that will be the hit of your brand swag.  Built is a trendy retail line of neoprene constructed lunch totes, wine and bottle totes, laptop cases and sleeves, iPad and Tablet cases and sleeves, household companions, and small tech and camera cases.

Built Gourmet Lunch Tote
Built Gourmet Lunch Tote

You can find many of these items at your local Target stores.

Contact BGLG when you want to do a great corporate promotional product, co-branding your image with a strong and trusted retail brand like Built brand products.  Co-branding your brand with Built brand products products is a sure win for you.

The custom Built lunch bags and accessories come in a variety of styles… such as:

Custom Built Sandwich Bags

Custom BYO by Built Express Lunch Box

Custom BYO by Built Chomp Lunch Bag

Custom BYO by Built Rambler Lunch Bag

Custom Built Gourmet Getaway Mini Lunch Tote

Built Tasty Lunch Tote
Built Tasty Lunch Tote

Custom Built Convertible Lunch Cooler

Custom Built Tasty Lunch Tote

Custom Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote

Custom Built Bento Sandwich Box

Custom Built Spicy Relish Lunch Tote

Custom Built Rolltop Expandable Lunch Bag

Custom Built Everyday Tote

Custom Built Crosstown Lunch Bag

Built Everyday Tote
Built Everyday Tote

We carry a huge selection of Built neoprene products we can add your logo to, so please contact us for help today.

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Reusable Sandwich Bags – Go Eco!

Custom Built Sandwich Bags

Go Eco with Reusable Sandwich Bags!  You don’t have to sacrifice style to go Eco.  Built Reusable Sandwich Bags are a great way to save money, keep your sandwich or snacks fresh, cut down on waste and stay stylish while doing it!

Custom Built Reusable Sandwich Bags are made with food-safe material and are both durable and dishwasher safe!  They have a Velco closure which secures and helps keep you sandwich or snack fresh!

This Built Reusable Sandwich Bag comes in 3 Colors/Patterns and can (and should) be customize with your logo!

Built is a high quality, brand name company with great BYO Lunch Bags!

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Custom Puma Brand Swag

personalized duffel bag
custom puma duffel

You can, and we highly recommend, put your logo on the products of other brands.  Co-branding your own brand with that of a reputable, retail, recognized, household brand does something very special… it gives your brand credibility.  Something happens with your brand, and it’s psychological. And when you experience this, you discover how oh so good it feels. Like being approached by a complete stranger and being told… “Hey I know you.  I love you man.” Okay well that may be a bit over the top.

This psychological event works for your brand though.  When I’m holding my Puma bag or tote, or I’m wearing my Puma cap or my Puma golf shirt, and I have your logo on this custom Puma gear, I make this subconscious connection of the dots.  I create a generalized association between the quality, feel, comfort, self-identification of the Puma gear I have, with your brand, because your logo is on the custom Puma gear.  That is C0-branding.  It’s healthy, and we encourage you to engage in it.  Yes, drink the co-brand koolaid.  It’s yummy!

Bags, totes, sacks, all great event promotions.  Here is a Puma duffel, which would be awesome for your teams… dance, football, basketball, swim, tae kwon do, cheer, hockey… whichever sport you are part of.  Your corporate challenge sports team would look like rockstars carrying these in hand.  Custom Puma duffel bags with your company logo. Friends… you win!

Contact BGLG for details on how to get your personalized Puma gear. Custom Puma brand swag… #wedothat.

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Custom Puma

It is time to get your Puma on! If you identify with and love the Puma brand, then co-brand your company on Puma products.  You’re putting a quality, retail product, that your customers and employees know and trust, in their hands… AND it has your logo on it.  This is an easy way to establish or improve your brand’s credibility.

personalized pumaToday, I’ll share with you this backpack cinch bag, the Puma Teamsport Formation Gym Sack, which is perfect for your company or group.  It is a great custom puma promo bag for company travel events, team sports, fundraising for schools, company and school stores, gyms, yoga studios, running clubs, and more.   How about travel companies?  Put your logo on this Puma bag, and give it to your clients.  I can see dad’s all over Disney World carrying all their baby swag, water bottles, and fruit snacks in this bag… vs some boring backpack or Vera Bradley bag.  Yes.  With custom Puma, BGLG makes both your brand cool, and dad’s cool.

The custom puma gym bag comes in five colors.  Click below to get your custom Puma!

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custom tumblers
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Custom CamelBak MULE Hydration Backpack

It’s been a hot summer for shizzle!  The great heat wave of 2012 has parched most of us here in the midwest and more recently the rest of the nation.  Everywhere we go we are hearing “Keep hydrated!!!” Well this is all the more important for those people out there on the hiking and biking trails.  And if you’re out there for hours you’re gonna need plenty of water on hand.  Too bad you’re not a camel.  Well we can help you pretend to be a camel… errrr… maybe a mule in this case.

If your team or group or staff is heading outdoors and needs a great promo product to celebrate your adventure these customized CamelBak MULE bags are perfect for keeping all in your group… alive!

Your group may not always find themselves outside hiking or cycling and thirsty for a drink of refreshing water… but when they are, make sure they have their customized CamelBak MULE hydration pack.

For more information on customized CamelBak hydration packs and customized CamelBak water bottles, please contact us thru our online store by clicking on the button below.

Stay thirsty my friends… and as always…

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Custom Puma Gym Bags

One of my favorite brands right now is PUMA!  We now sell custom Puma Gym Bags!

This Puma Gym Sack is 400-denier dobby polyester with 600-denier TPE material blocking.
Top cinch closure, Wide nylon Straps, Structural piping, Raised rubberized sonic weld PUMA cat logo on front.
Size: 18″ x 14 1/2″

This Puma Gym Bag currently comes in 5 Colors!

We’ll print your logo right next to the classic Puma Logo!  Print up to 4 colors.

Only thing better would be a pair of PUMA shoes inside! (not included) 😉

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Custom High Sierra Backpack

Big Guy Little Guy is now selling High Sierra!  High Sierra is a high quality bag maker that sells durable bags ranging from luggage to day bags!

This High Sierra backpack is stylish and roomy with great extra features including:

  • Large front-load main compartment.
  • MP3 player pocket with molded headphone port.
  • Large gusseted front pocket holds accessories.
  • Core organizer compartment with multiple pockets and key fob.
  • Contoured, padded shoulder straps with integrated media/cell phone pocket.
  • Comfortable padded back panel.
  • Mesh beverage pocket.
  • Convenient grab handle.

This bag also comes in 5 different colors!

Now you can embroider your company logo on the quality bags and hand them out to your top customers.  What a great way to say Thank You, to you hard working employees…and the best thing is your brand will be carried around across the country!

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Custom BYO Express Lunch Bags

Custom BYO Express Lunch Bags continue to be not only a hot item, but a hot promotional item!  These BYO Bags are bright, vibrant and very eye catching!  They are also very stylish with new styles being released!  You can now customize this BYO Express Lunch Bag with your company logo and take advantage of these popular, eye catching bags!

We also sell the BYO Express Lunch Bag blank!

We now have 4 new colors and the classic black!

Check out more details in the store!

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