Custom Puma Brand Swag

personalized duffel bag
custom puma duffel

You can, and we highly recommend, put your logo on the products of other brands.  Co-branding your own brand with that of a reputable, retail, recognized, household brand does something very special… it gives your brand credibility.  Something happens with your brand, and it’s psychological. And when you experience this, you discover how oh so good it feels. Like being approached by a complete stranger and being told… “Hey I know you.  I love you man.” Okay well that may be a bit over the top.

This psychological event works for your brand though.  When I’m holding my Puma bag or tote, or I’m wearing my Puma cap or my Puma golf shirt, and I have your logo on this custom Puma gear, I make this subconscious connection of the dots.  I create a generalized association between the quality, feel, comfort, self-identification of the Puma gear I have, with your brand, because your logo is on the custom Puma gear.  That is C0-branding.  It’s healthy, and we encourage you to engage in it.  Yes, drink the co-brand koolaid.  It’s yummy!

Bags, totes, sacks, all great event promotions.  Here is a Puma duffel, which would be awesome for your teams… dance, football, basketball, swim, tae kwon do, cheer, hockey… whichever sport you are part of.  Your corporate challenge sports team would look like rockstars carrying these in hand.  Custom Puma duffel bags with your company logo. Friends… you win!

Contact BGLG for details on how to get your personalized Puma gear. Custom Puma brand swag… #wedothat.

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Little Guy… Hey I want one of these for yoga!