Viking Tumblers with New Colors

Viking Tumblers with New Colors

Yeti Style Tumblers with New Colors
20 oz Viking Tumblers

If you’re looking for a high quality style with options, check out these Viking Tumblers with New Colors!  Even though these are not the Yeti brand tumblers, they are great value with the same insulated technology.

These Viking Tumblers come with the top of the line, copper vacuum insulated, double wall technology to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks for up to 5 1/2 hours!

Viking Tumblers are so sleek and stylish with the stainless steel body, they are perfect gifts for your employees or customers to hang on to for years to come! Not only that, but the price won’t bust that budget!  Now with so many color options, it’s hard not to please.

This Viking Tumbler now comes in 9 colors! Black, Copper, Green, Maroon, Navy, Pink, Purple, Stainless Steel, White.

If you want to do your own decorating, we sell these blank at case pricing.  We can mix the colors as needed.  Case minimum is only 24 tumblers!

This tumblers has a push-on, drink-thru clear lid.  This lid makes for easy access and easy cleaning. No more screwing on lids.  The stainless steel body should be hand washed to maintain the vacuum insulation, but the lid can safely go in the dishwasher.

These stylish Viking Tumblers can either be imprinted on or purchased blank from our Blank category.  Perfect for your own personalization.

Make sure to check out our 30 oz Viking Tumblers and the rest of our vacuum insulated line!custom promotional products

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Force bottles at wholesale price

S'well like bottles
Custom Force bottles. Great quality, great price.

Force bottles at wholesale prices!

S’well captured the innovative double walled stainless steel movement with their old school “Milk” bottle style. The goal is to rid the planet of plastic bottles.  We offer a few material options that help promote this movement. There’s Acrylic, Tritan, Stainless Steel and Copper.  All of these options allow our clients to reuse their bottles and tumblers many times over and promote their brand at the same time.  Our other popular, high quality, brand is the Contigo bottles and travel tumblers.  Make sure you check those out!  We are pleased to add this new high end bottle to compliment our Contigo line and we now offer Force bottles at wholesale price!

The S’well bottle is a high quality option that comes with a high price.  We are introducing a similar style of the S’well, called the Force!  Our Force bottle not only has the cool pop bottle design, but comes with hight quality, double walled stainless steel material at a wholesale price!  With our bottles, you can brand your logo with quality or buy them blank and personalize each bottle!

S'well like bottles
Four sizes to choose!
S'well like bottles
Mossy Oak Camo Force Bottles

Our Force bottle is a double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation and threaded stainless steel lid.  This bottle come in 4 different sizes(12oz, 17oz, 26oz, and 32oz) and 10 different colors! Force bottles have 2 sizes that come in Mossy Oak Camo!  Make sure you take advantage of our Force bottles at wholesale price!  Our inventory does go fast, but we are constantly restocking, so make sure you get your order in to guarantee stock.

We also sell these Force bottles blank!

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Custom Contigo Mug Byron

Spill-Proof Branding with the Custom Contigo Mug:

The 16oz Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug with SnapSeal Technology

This new custom Contigo mug, the Byron, includes Contigo’s SnapSeal technology.  The one-piece leak-proof SnapSeal lid is quick and easy to clean and it prevents leaks too.  Wow… kind of a no-brainer for businesses that prevent leaks and clean up spills.  BP, how about you? Do it!

custom Contigo mugBut is this technology difficult to use?  Up is open.  Down is closed.  Done.  Wait!  Not done.  The stainless steel tumbler also features Contigo’s Thermalock vacuum insulated mug with a comfortable grip that makes this the perfect beverage delivery device for both left and right handed drinkers.  Once again, a no-brainer for ambidextrous drinkers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the most technologically sound drinkware container we’ve ever seen, and it’s quite possibly one of the most amazing, advanced examples of drinkware in recorded history.  As a matter of fact, ancient alien astronaut theorists believe this drinkware technology could have only been delivered by the hand of, that’s right, aliens.  I mean it’s even BPA free!!!

The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe, and the mug diameter has been constructed to fit most car cup-holders.  I wonder if Contigo made R2-D2.

Every time I think of a custom Contigo mug I remembercustom Contigo mug the words of two of our clients… a representative from the United States Marine Corp and another from an ad agency in Minnesota both told me that after their organizations each researched via the world wide interwebs for the best quality drinkware available, Contigo was hands down the best choice.  In fact, both clients told me personally, if they couldn’t do the custom Contigo mug for their brands, they wouldn’t bother branding drinkware.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that is powerful!

Consider a custom Contigo mug for your next promotional merchandise project, and we here at BGLG Promos will be happy to help you with custom Contigo, and many other custom promotional products.

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Customized Contigo Westloop with Your Brand

customized contigo
Semi-wrap imprint option

Go Customized Contigo!

We said go Contigo, and you went!  The custom Contigo Westloop is an absolute winner! We have received orders from Ford Motor Company to the Marines, non-profit art organizations to retail brands, cybertech companies to medical institutions; the demand for the customized Contigo Westloop is tremendous!  Even ad agencies recognize the power of co-branding with quality names like Contigo, and are inviting Big Guy Little Guy to help create the perfect promotional merchandise for their clients.  It simply works.

Why?  Quality, quality, and quality!  Contigo offers superior craftsmanship and technology in drinkware, and many brands see aligning yourself with this quality leaves a lasting impression and creates a conversational buzz.  It is, in fact, generating an ultimate “Wow!” experience among the brands co-branding with customized Contigo, and the people receiving the product.

Maybe you are making a first impression, maybe you are reminding your employees how much you care, maybe you are simply expressing to an audience the quality of character represented by your own brand.  In any case, BGLG understands what matters, and wants to help create lasting impressions.

BGLG Promos will create the perfect promotional merchandise solutions to help you “Wow!” your customers and clients.  Contact us today to get started! And start with customized Contigo!

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Personalized Bubba Kegs

bubba keg
52oz Bubba Keg, Contact BGLG at 888.987.2454(BGLG) to order your personalized Bubba Kegs today.

Time to put your logo on the Bubba Keg, made by bubba brands, the thermal hydration experts.  You’re not just putting your logo on a keg-like tumbler, you’re putting your logo on a specially designed product, engineered to keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as needed.  The Bubba Keg has a strong reputation for quality and performance… and that is the kind of character most companies would appreciate aligning with.  It’s time for personalized Bubba Kegs.

As stated by bubba brands… “think of bubba brands as you would your friend, your best friend, someone that is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, dependable, approachable, sociable and a good companion. someone you can count on through thick and thin. it is our desire to have bubba products go along with you in your life.  bubba will be there for you no matter what you are doing. whether you are at work, driving in the car, working out at the gym, relaxing at home, doing yardwork, watching tv, hanging out with family or partying with friends, bubba is there.”

Even I want bubba to be my friend now!  And your employees and customers will love their personalized bubba kegs too.  They say money can’t buy friends, but whoever said that obviously never met bubba.

And bubba has family too!  We carry the 20oz, 34oz, and 52oz Bubba Kegs all ready to add your logo.

The 20oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 20 ounces. Baby Bubba Keg has a flip top lid and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

The 34oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 34 ounces Dual wall insulated beverage mug. Stainless steel outer and plastic inner combination.

The 52oz Bubba Keg… Our largest mug available! Holds 52 ounces. Bubba Keg TM has a flip top, spill-proof o-ring fitted cap. Flip top and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

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Contigo Offers Spill-Proof and Leak-Proof Coffee Mugs: Custom Congito

custom coffee mug
16oz West Loop Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

And we will add your logo!!! Yes, we can! We create custom Contigo for you! We will print your logo on the Contigo West Loop Coffee Mug, a 16oz spill-proof and leak-proof coffee mug.  The AUTOSEAL technology prevents unwanted leaks and spills.  You simply press the button with your finger and sip away.  As soon as you release the button, the lid seals.  Magic!  Well, really, smart brainy drinkware technology.  Hurray for geeks!

Custom coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional products being used. Why?  They are practical! This doesn’t mean you have to avoid the custom coffee mug for your own promotional products to be unique.  You can simple choose to step up your game.  Many of the coffee mugs available for promotional products are average, or sub-retail quality. Few are of a retail quality.  Now, you can get a true retail brand.  Let your competitor choose a cheap brand for their custom coffee mug, and those mugs will likely be tossed or lost to the back of cupboards.  People today know and want quality products.

With the Contigo West Loop, the vacuum insulated stainless steel body keeps drinks hot up to 4 hours and cold up to 12 hours.  It is made of 100% FDA-approved materials.

Available in six colors.  And hurray for Contigo and custom coffee mugs and Big Guy Little Guy and coffee!

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Go Contigo for your Custom Cups

Go Contigo! Custom Contigo is Here!

custom Contigo

Now you can put your logo on custom Contigo brand travel mugs and water bottles. Go Contigo!  Contigo is a leading drinkware brand, with innovative creations like AUTOSEAL and AUTOSPOUT technologies.

What do all these fancy words mean?

Well, with custom Contigo cups and water bottles your drinking spouts automatically seal between sips to prevent spills, leaks, and wet and sticky messes.  This AUTOSEAL technology, combined with the vacuum sealed technology of some goods, also helps your hot drinks stay hot longer and your cold drinks stay cold longer.

And with the AUTOSPOUT technology, the simple pop up drinking spout allows you to keep hydrated with ease; and by ease, we’re talking one-handed ease.  You can drink worry free now, knowing you can keep on texting, shuffling through your play list, riding your bike WITH handlebars (0r at least one), and driving with at least one hand on the wheel.

When you want custom cups and custom water bottles, go Contigo… custom Contigo! Put your logo on Contigo cups and water bottles to create a quality, reliable product to represent your brand.

Custom Contigo is the perfect premium promotional merchandise choice when creating a top-of-the-line impression.  These will create more than a great first impression.  Custom Contigo will create a lasting impression the your customers, staff and associates will appreciate day-to-day, month-to-month, and for years to come!

Available today!

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16 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Tumblers

Stainless Steel is Back!  Not too long ago our Stainless Steel water bottle were flying off the “shelves”, until Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers took over!  So why not combine the best of both worlds?!

Introducing the 16 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler!

These Stainless Steel Tumblers are vacuum insulated with push on silicone lids.  They can be used for Hot or Cold Drinks!  The Double Wall Construction keeps you from burning your hands or keeps the Cold sweat off the outer layer!  This is the most High Quality Stainless Steel Tumbler on the market!

The Silicone Lids for this Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler come in 12 Colors!  Tumbler comes in both Stainless Steel and Matte Black!

Mix N Match at no additional charge and Free Ground Shipping when purchased at!

Buy them Blank or Decorated Now!

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Personalized Soda Can Tumbler & Logo

One word… Cool.  No wait… I mean AWESOME!

A custom printed soda can tumbler… why didn’t we think of this earlier?  Really?  Why wasn’t this the first version of a custom printed stainless steel tumbler? Makes sense to me.  This one is double walled which means no messy sweating, and better yet insulation… good stuff!  Hot drinks stay hotter and cold drinks stay colder. Being made of stainless steel means it’s food safe unlike aluminum.  It comes with a black twist on lid with leak proof flip top closure… more good stuff.

This has novelty!  This is the kind of promotional product people want to keep around and use… when they order pizza, grilling burgers in the backyard, enjoying a movie and popcorn.  There are so many opportunities that beg us to have that can of soda in hand.

Give your customers and employees the custom printed soda can & logo they’ll use again and again. For the holidays, give your logo a holiday retro feel and print it white on the red and green custom printed soda can tumblers to spread your holiday cheer!

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