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Custom Microfiber Toddy Cloth

Custom Toddy

Some like it hot, some like it Microfiber?!

I thought a Toddy was just a drink?  It’s now a Custom Microfiber Cloth that is perfect for cleaning the screens on all of you favorite electronics!  Perfect Custom Toddy for you iPhone, Android, Blackberry as well as your tablet of choice and computer screens!

Custom Microfiber ClothThis custom toddy is a 5×7 Dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth for all your screen devices.  The microfiber effectively cleans screens without harsh liquids. It offers a protective antimicrobial coating and is safe for sensitive surfaces.

These Toddys are perfect for Trade-show handouts for any business.  These days everyone has an electronic device with them at all times.  A Custom Microfiber Cloth with your logo on it, is small enough to be carried around in any size bag and even in a back pocket!


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Custom Beach Ball Promotional Product

It’s almost Summer! Here’s a fun one!

Put you logo on these beach balls and hand them to your employees!

Take them to baseball games or the beach.   Or the lake if you are in land like us folks here in the Midwest!

Soccer? Maybe take them to a Sporting KC game?

Can you image the reach your logo will get on a custom beach ball?  Imagine your customers and employees taking these on vacation with them!  People see them on the beach…you know everyone wants to play with the beach ball at the beach!  Or imagine when the beach ball with your logo is being bounced around at a Major League Baseball Game and right before it gets taken away by security…the JUMBOtron gets a nice shot of your logo!  Ok, I might be stretching a little on the Jumbotron, but hey! you never know!

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Custom Flash Drives with Low Minimums!

We now have Custom Flash Drives with a low minimum of 6 pieces!  Not only that, but we can ship you a custom flash drive with your logo on it within 24 hours of art approval!  Now that’s fast!  Some would say “freaky fast!”

This Custom Flash Drive is available in 24 colors. Includes Free Black Lanyard, Free Technical Support, Free Lifetime Warranty, and Free Clear Vinyl Pouch.  What?  Free Lifetime Warranty?  Yes, FREE Lifetime Warranty!

You want your logo and data on the Custom Flash Drive?  No problem!  We can do both!

We have these Swivel Flash Drives starting at 128MB all the way up to 16GB!  Wow, that’s a range!

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Custom Canvas Tote Bag

Another product we just added to our Eco Friendly line up is the Custom Canvas Tote Bag!  This Canvas tote bag is perfect for any situation, especially the Grocery Store!  If you’re like me, you’ll need 4-5 Canvas Tote Bags to fit all of your groceries in them!  This is a perfect excuse to go green-no more plastic bags!

This Natural Canvas Tote Bag has 25″ handles and a Velcro closure.
Imprint Location: Front or Back


It’s only natural to be drawn to this amazing tote!

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Keychain

Eco Friendly Promotional Products are there to show you care!

Bamboo Keychains are a great trade show giveaway.  They are cheap and plenty full and best of all, Eco Friendly!  Put your company logo on these Eco Friendly Bamboo Keychains and show that your company cares about the environment!

Now available in our Store!


Get these Eco Friendly Keychains this fall before the New Year Trade Shows begin!


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Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens

Hot new Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens are now available in our store!

These earth friendly pens are made with a bamboo barrel, which is a renewable resource, and a matte silver cap for an elegant look and feel.

Engrave your logo on the silver cap and hand these out to your favorite customers to show you care not only about them, but about the environment!  This Eco Pen is a Rollerball as well!





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Custom Printed Hand Sanitizer Products

You know it!  With all the fear around swine flue and germs these days it’s a sure thing people love having some sort of hand sanitizer close at hand.  I’m including a small digital catalog here for you to link to to get ideas… and if you see something you like give us a shout by email or phone so we can help you get your hand sanitizer with your logo or ad printed on it.  These are great trade-show give-aways, event hand-outs, or promotional give-aways.  People love the opportunity to get free stuff (hurray swag!) and if you’re the one passing these out… you will be popular!  Drive traffic to your booth or front door with this “handy” give away and meet more prospective clients.  And it’s a win-win situation which is always nice 😉

Create a great day!!!!

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