Custom Kleenex Like Facial Tissue

custom travel size tissue packCustomize these travel size tissue packs with your logo on the wrapper.  This is a perfect promotional product when you’re reaching travelers… people traveling by air, land, and water via planes, trains, cars, buses, boats, cruise lines… reach out and put something practical in your customers’ hands.  Think about it.  Everyone has boogers.  If you rent a car, fly on a plane, however your customers travel, they would certainly appreciate having a little pack of tissue, custom Kleenex-like tissue, which they can use to help keep your trains, buses, boats, cars, etc. free of their germs.

Travel agencies, custom facial tissue packs with your logo would be great for your clients.  Car rental agencies, you could leave a pack in every rental car.  Hotels, these custom tissue packs with your logo would be a great piece to offer your event planning clients who always have and need hand outs for their participants.

Custom Travel Size Kleenex Like Tissue


Yes, we can consider for many organizations, like funeral homes, health care facilities, entertainment (for tear jerking music, movies and books), pet clinics, and I can go on, and I’m sure you can too.  The good thing is, this is a low price-point promotional product.  You can order as few as 250 of custom kleenex-like travel tissue packs for $2 each, and the more you buy the better your price.  Buy a lot and get them for under $1.

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Personalized Umbrellas to Brighten Your Rainy Days

What’s better than keeping you dry on a rainy day?  How about a custom printed umbrella with smiley faces looking down on you!?!  You can look up and forget about all the gloom of the rainy days… just enjoy the smiley faces shining down on you.  Silly!?! It works.  I walked around inside with the umbrella open, smiling up at the smiley faces looking down at me; yes I’m blissfully dorky like that.

Tis the season for personalized umbrellas too!  Personalized umbrellas make great gifts for staff and employees; they’re great for fundraisers and holiday thank yous, and during the rain and sleet seasons they’re all the more appreciated.

You can get this great custom printed umbrella with your logo on a top panel in one or two colors or even full color.  The canopy is 42″ and the custom printed umbrella comes with a matching color fabric storage sleeve.

Wanna step it up… we also offer completely custom umbrellas to meet your own specific creative designs/ideas.

We’re staying dry here, ready to help you with your order. Woohoo!

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