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Custom Pilot Pens

Custom Pilot G2 PenThe Pilot G2 gel pen is one of the most popular pens for both personal and business use, and a perfect solution to promotional merchandise.  Combine a recognized brand name with a strong credibility for quality, and a product already trusted for its reliability and writing perfection, and you have the recipe for a successful branding tool.  Are your current custom pens quality?  Are your current custom pens reliable?  Are you confident your current custom pens aren’t being thrown in the trash?  Too often, for the sake of low price, poor quality custom pens are used as a solution to cheap advertising.  So companies end up with cheap promotional products that your customers and employees associate with your brand, and then throw in the trash.  If your promotional merchandise ends up in the trash, how much money are you really saving?

Consider the impact of someone, your customer or employee, receiving your promotional merchandise and feeling lucky.  Consider your customers and employees receiving your promotional merchandise and saying to themselves, “Wow, this is cool!”.

BGLG wants to help your brand be cool.  We have been selling custom Pilot gel pens for years.  They work! Discover writing perfection, and discover brand coolness.

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custom promotional merchandise

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Custom Tattoo Gel Pen

Get this custom tattoo gel pen for your most awesome promotions!!! Contact BGLG at 888.987.2454(BGLG) to order your custom tattoo gel pens today.

custom gel pens

This tattoo gel pen is perfect to hand out to your customers every day, or at your events, like upcoming trade shows.  It’s perfect as people will be drawing on themselves right away.  Watch the custom tattoo gel pen get passed around from person to person.  Everyone will want one.  So when everyone gets one, will you want your logo on the custom tattoo gel pen, or someone else’s logo on the tattoo gel pen.  Contact us today by clicking the button below, and we will get started on your custom tattoo gel pens with your own logo.

Choose wisely!

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Custom Imprinted Pilot G2 Pens

There are so many pens out there and yet it is hard to find a good quality pen.  So why not go with a name brand, like Pilot, you trust?  One of my favorites it the Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pen!  This Pilot pen is one of the smoothest writing pens out there.

The Pilot G2 Gel Pen is water resistant, smear-proof ink assures exceedingly smooth skip-free writing every time. A contoured rubber grip conforms to your writing grasp providing maximum comfort. Also, it’s retractable, so there’s no cap to lose, and it’s refillable so it can be used over and over again!  We are going into the busy season for retail, so why not have a reliable pen with your logo on it?

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Custom Montblanc ballpoint pens!

We blog a lot about custom acrylic tumblers, so I’d thought I would change it up a bit!  Maybe something on the other end of the promotional product industry.  How about a custom Montblanc Generation ballpoint pen!

Montblanc is know to be one of the best quality pens in the world…so why not customize your ballpoint pen?

These may not be your everyday pens, but what a great gift that someone will keep FOREVER! Imagine your logo on something that will be kept forever and used over and over and over again!

These custom Montblanc Generation ballpoint pens come in a Montblanc protective hinged box for safe keeping!

Don’t be stingy, contact us now for your custom quote on this bad boy!

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Eco Friendly Recycled Bottle Pen

Earth Day is April 22nd!  Now is the perfect time to order your custom Eco Friendly Pens!

This Custom environmentally friendly pen is made from Recycled Water Bottles!  I knew there was a reason to recycle my water bottles.  This Recycle Bottle Pen is non toxic and made of 80% recycled material.  It has a sea-glass colored tint and comes with a 1-Color Imprint.

Order now just in time for Earth Day!  What a great way to promote your business with this environmentally friendly pen!

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Personalized Eco Friendly Journal with Pen

Here’s a great promotional product….it’s an Eco Friendly Journal with an Eco Friendly Pen!  Everybody love Notebooks and Journal so why not give them and Eco Friendly one with your Logo on it!

This Personalized Notebook is a recycled hard-cover notebook with unique dot design and includes recycled paper pen-2 promotional products for the price of 1!  It has 80 sheets of lined recycled paper and an elastic closure.

It comes in Green, Black  and Blue.  This custom Journal is 7″ tall by 5.5″ wide.


Personalized Eco Friendly Journals are a perfect school store item!  Or just hand them out to your students!  What a great why to encourage journaling and keeping notes!  I know Little Guy uses one!

Remember, we also sell blank!  Check them out!

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Personalized Stainless Steel Sharpie

Make your mark in permanent style 😉

This personalized Sharpie brand stainless steel marker should come with a warning; it’s that cool!  My late grandmother would have said… “Does that thing come with a club?  Cuz you’re gonna need to beat the ladies off you it looks so good.”  Ok well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but really you might want to keep this custom printed stainless steel Sharpie hidden when not in use… it will likely walk right off your desk.

Here are some of the finer points of this custom printed fine point sharpie marker…

• Stylish stainless steel barrel.

• Black ink, fine point.

• Refillable.

• Permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces.

• Quick-drying, AP Certified non-toxic ink formula.

• Laser engraving available on cap or barrel for a lasting impression.

What are you waiting for!?!  Order these and your boss is surely gonna love you.  Maybe there’s even a raise in your future O_O

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens

Hot new Eco Friendly Bamboo Pens are now available in our store!

These earth friendly pens are made with a bamboo barrel, which is a renewable resource, and a matte silver cap for an elegant look and feel.

Engrave your logo on the silver cap and hand these out to your favorite customers to show you care not only about them, but about the environment!  This Eco Pen is a Rollerball as well!





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Promotional Pens made of Recycled Paper

Wanna be eco friendly with your promotional products… Promotional pens that are made of recycled paper are just right for you.

You can do bamboo and recyclable materials (biodegradable) for your pen, and you can also do the most obvious recyclable material known… paper.  Yes… recycled paper pens!  Well, there are some colored plastic accents but the main barrel of the pen is made of recycled paper.  How eco friendly cool is that! Awwwww technology!

Even the pen clip is made of wood.  As dorky as this sounds… that’s pretty nifty.  Really… if you hand this out at trade shows or events marketing your company, people are gonna say “Cool!”.  It’s a great traffic generator for your booth.  And the price is so darn right!

Did you notice that clip imprint?  You can imprint 1-color on the clip and two locations on the barrel.  Three potential lines of gibberish for your marketing blah blah blah and you definitely won’t be missed.

For multi-location imprint orders call or email us… and for 1-location imprinted orders… click thru to our store and order now!

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Custom Printed Swag Sale… Free Shipping

logomark gr4101Thru 8/31/09 you can get free Fedex standard ground shipping on any of over 1200 custom printed promotional products listed at under $5 end-quantity-price.  Custom printed pens, office products, drinkware, highlighters, desk accessories, jotter pads, keytags, frames, travel accessories, tools, bags, totes, coolers, and more.

Colorful, creative, unique designs.  Great pen styles, stylish bag designs, colorful desk accessories.  So many items you could spend your whole day shopping thru the options.  We certainly know your boss doesn’t want you wasting all that time 😉  But if you do, don’t worry…. I won’t tell.

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