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Custom OtterBox Cases-Personalize your Otterbox Case!

custom OtterBoxWhen you think of protection for your favorite mobile device, you think of OtterBox!  Why? Because we all like Otters!  Of course everyone likes Otters, but we think of OtterBox because it’s the ultimate brand for protection for those devices!  Well now you can c0-brand with OtterBox!  Co-branding is a great way to show your clients and employees you care about your brand and you only want to be associated with the best brands out there.

These custom OtterBox cases are made of polycarbonate which deflects impact shock from bumps and drops, while the inner cover snugly wraps around your preferred device. These tough cases provide durable and sleek protection. Port covers help keep ports and jacks free of dust and dirt while the included self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches and smudges.



custom OtterBoxcustom OtterBox


Our custom imprinted OtterBox cases are made for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini as well as the Galaxy 4S.  We also carry the OtterBox Commuter, Defender and Preserver.  Pick your favorite Black or White OtterBox case and brand it with your logo!  What a great gift!

custom OtterBox

custom OtterBox

Contact us now to find out how to brand your custom OtterBox!

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Custom Flash Drives with Low Minimums!

We now have Custom Flash Drives with a low minimum of 6 pieces!  Not only that, but we can ship you a custom flash drive with your logo on it within 24 hours of art approval!  Now that’s fast!  Some would say “freaky fast!”

This Custom Flash Drive is available in 24 colors. Includes Free Black Lanyard, Free Technical Support, Free Lifetime Warranty, and Free Clear Vinyl Pouch.  What?  Free Lifetime Warranty?  Yes, FREE Lifetime Warranty!

You want your logo and data on the Custom Flash Drive?  No problem!  We can do both!

We have these Swivel Flash Drives starting at 128MB all the way up to 16GB!  Wow, that’s a range!

Check these out in our store!

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iPhone Sleeves

iPhone® 4s was just announced with the same dimensions, but all new insides!  Why not get a Custom Neoprene iPhone® 4 or iPhone 4s Sleeve to protect your most prized possession?

This iPhone® 4 Case is made of protective neoprene (the wetsuit material).  Designed specifically to fit the iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s.  Plush inner lining helps protect against scratches.  It’s Form-fitting design secures iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s in place.  It has an elastic opening and bottom grips provide easy access to iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s.

We now offer 3 New Colors for the Neoprene Sleeve and our new Low Minimum of 6 units with FREE GROUND SHIPPING!



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Advertise on A Mobile Phone… Sort Of…

avaline screencleanMobile phones… amazing advertising real-estate, and when you can find a solution or practical excuse to have your logo on your customer’s cell phones… score!!!  Hey, and how about something not just for mobile/cell phones but pdas, ipods, or other mp3 players.

So please allow me to share a great opportunity for your business to custom print your logo on a mobile phone… sort of 😉  These are microfiber screen cleaners for electronic devices.

Here’s a great story I’m republishing (with permission of course… just ask her cuz I did) from the genius mind(s) at Avaline (Avaline is one of my cool suppliers of the awesome, creative promotional products we bring to you every day).

“We all have one – a good cell phone story. Mine happened several years ago when I jetted off to Vegas with some girlfriends for a bachelorette party. I could tell my husband was a bit twitchy about the trip, that’s when the “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” campaign was full throttle. It was Friday night and my husband was heading out to a pub to meet a friend. Before going he decided to call the other side of the continent to catch up with me. I had left my phone in the hotel room and I missed his call. Then he phoned his friend and told him he was running late but was on his way to meet up with him. The next morning, he decided to try me again and hit redial, forgetting he had called his friend after me. A throaty male voice answered what he believed was my phone. Shocked, my husband said he literally threw his phone across our living room (luckily it landed on our loveseat). Moments later, his friend called him back and was like “Listen if you’re going to call on a Saturday morning, don’t hang up!” Whew! That would have been a confusing, messy, icky, sticky conversation upon my return.

The truth is, our cell phones, Blackberrys and iPhones have become such a part of our life that we actually have stories to tell about them. They are always on us! They travel with us, go to work with us, go shopping with us, to the beach, we rarely go anywhere without them. So doesn’t it make sense to put your message there? Your message visible daily with our new ScreenClean microfiber disks. What are they? They have a PU Gel back which sticks to the back of your cell phone, blackberry, MP3 player (or anything with an LCD screen). When things get a bit smudgy (i.e. fingerprints and makeup), just remove and wipe your “screen clean”. We think they’re great for any business with a phone number (can you think of one?). How about take out & delivery, airlines, auto services, emergency numbers? A nice fundraising/cause awareness token. Perhaps a pink disk with a “Strive for a Cure” message. Also ideal for brand awareness. If you want a spotless image, make sure your message isn’t messy or icky. Make it stick with Avaline’s NEW (custom printed) ScreenCleans. Affordable and long lasting. Simply rinsing restores its adhesive quality. 500 are only $1.75.

They’re NEW! Check them out.

I have another one. I called my girlfriend one day and while we were chatting I could hear she was rummaging around and her voice was getting excited. So I asked “What are you doing?”“I lost my cell phone, I can’t find it anywhere!!” she answered. “Ummmm, didn’t I call you on it, aren’t you talking on it?” Love it! Feel like sharing yours? ….” Leave us your comment below!

Thanks again to my Avaline friend for her great story!  And remember…

As Always… Contact Us to order your awesome Custom Printed Screen Clean microfiber wipes!

Create a Great Day!

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