Custom Hockey Hoodie with Laces

It’s that time of year when the weather turns cold and everyone says: “I sure wish I had a Hockey Hoodie with Laces!”

Well, you’re in luck!  We sell Blank or Custom Hockey Hoodies with Laces!  AND you can even pick your lace colors! Woohoo!  We have 6 Hockey Hoodie Colors and 36 different Lace colors!

Don’t think these Lace Up Hockey Hoodies are for Hockey teams only, oh no!, these are perfect for anyone! They are 9.5 ounces of warmness and very stylish!

Here’s a few more details: 9.5 oz Premium Fleece Lace Up Hockey Hoodie, 80% cotton 20% polyester, 3-panel hood, hidden media pocket, 2 laces included with each hoodie! Sizes: XXS-4XL

Here’s a link to these fine Lace Up Hockey Hoodies in our Store!

Big Guy

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