Custom Jeliku

custom desk accesoryThis is a fantastically entertaining office product that will engage recipients with a fun gadget… the only question is, whose brand will people be engaged with?

Customize this Jeliku desktop accessory, toy, and conversation piece with your logo, and all eyes will be engaged with your brand.  The Jeliku can be used to build a phone cradle, hold business cards, sticky notes, writing instruments, and so much more… and you can even challenge your customers to how creative they can be with their Jeliku and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even mail in pics for your own social media site.  It’s the perfect promotional tool for you to engage more with your customers and staff.  Isn’t this all about making connections?

The Jeliku is made of multi-colored, hinged squares, and each one includes full-color imprint in the center section. These are packed in individual cellophane sleeves with a design suggestion sheet. (These are also available in individual primary colors for larger quantities only).

With BGLG, you’ve got options, you’ve got creativity, and you’ve got swag!

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