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Custom Pilot G2 PenThe Pilot G2 gel pen is one of the most popular pens for both personal and business use, and a perfect solution to promotional merchandise.  Combine a recognized brand name with a strong credibility for quality, and a product already trusted for its reliability and writing perfection, and you have the recipe for a successful branding tool.  Are your current custom pens quality?  Are your current custom pens reliable?  Are you confident your current custom pens aren’t being thrown in the trash?  Too often, for the sake of low price, poor quality custom pens are used as a solution to cheap advertising.  So companies end up with cheap promotional products that your customers and employees associate with your brand, and then throw in the trash.  If your promotional merchandise ends up in the trash, how much money are you really saving?

Consider the impact of someone, your customer or employee, receiving your promotional merchandise and feeling lucky.  Consider your customers and employees receiving your promotional merchandise and saying to themselves, “Wow, this is cool!”.

BGLG wants to help your brand be cool.  We have been selling custom Pilot gel pens for years.  They work! Discover writing perfection, and discover brand coolness.

Create a Great Day!

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