Custom Puma

It is time to get your Puma on! If you identify with and love the Puma brand, then co-brand your company on Puma products.  You’re putting a quality, retail product, that your customers and employees know and trust, in their hands… AND it has your logo on it.  This is an easy way to establish or improve your brand’s credibility.

personalized pumaToday, I’ll share with you this backpack cinch bag, the Puma Teamsport Formation Gym Sack, which is perfect for your company or group.  It is a great custom puma promo bag for company travel events, team sports, fundraising for schools, company and school stores, gyms, yoga studios, running clubs, and more.   How about travel companies?  Put your logo on this Puma bag, and give it to your clients.  I can see dad’s all over Disney World carrying all their baby swag, water bottles, and fruit snacks in this bag… vs some boring backpack or Vera Bradley bag.  Yes.  With custom Puma, BGLG makes both your brand cool, and dad’s cool.

The custom puma gym bag comes in five colors.  Click below to get your custom Puma!

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