Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles Bigger and Better!

Move over bacon!  And by bacon I mean you, youpersonalized double walled acrylic tumblers with lid and straw… yes we know you’re the most popular promotional product in the house right now, but your predecessor, the amazing and awesome custom printed stainless steel water bottle, isn’t done yet.

Today I received my sample of the GINORMOUS 44oz personalized stainless steel water bottle.  Yep… I was upgrading my old 40oz wide mouth personalized stainless steel water bottle that I have loved so dearly for the past two years.  That custom water bottle and I have been thru so much… it put a hole in a sheet rock wall, it has been dropped countless times, and I even threw it at a wall filled with domestic lawn and garden tools… I tried to retire it early but it just wouldn’t break. My point is I love promotional stainless steel water bottles, and the bigger the better.  I highly recommend them to all my serious water drinking friends.


This 44oz personalized stainless steel water bottle is one thing… HUGE! That’s five and a half 8oz glasses of water, all in one container. I think all of bikini bottom could fit inside this bottle.

And think of the environmental impact you make by using this.  Talk about being “green“!  You’ll save so many plastic water bottles by promoting your brand with a custom printed stainless steel water bottle.  You’ll get a pat on the back by all the happy Earth lovers who will be doing cartwheels in the grass singing songs with your company name. Go on, pause for a moment and picture that. 🙂

You still want to promote your business in a HUGE way right?  Put your logo 6″ x 4” up and down this bottle or wrap it all the way around.  Yep… this is great for folks who wanna brand themselves but only in a HUGE way!  Personalized water bottles are always going to be popular as long as people drink water.  Because they have the feel of a large water canteen or flask, some may appreciate the opaque nature of the stainless steel bottle for carrying other liquids with them… like gatorade 🙂

You can order them now in our online store by clicking on the Buy Now button below… go for it!  You’ll get free US ground shipping.  Suweet!

Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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