Custom Wicking Beanie

custom wicking beanie

embroidered performance beanie has moisture wicking lining

Take that sweat!

Ok runners… is it cold outside for your little head?  Are your ears turning fire engine red from the prickly cold air while you run on the trails?  Your running team needs some running gear to protect you from the shivering and biting cold and other wintery outdoor elements. Yes coaches, this is for you too… your team needs a nice comfy warm head to keep your runners comfortable and their brains functioning at the right temperature so they can help their bodies out-run their opponents.  Do your peeps a favor and wrap their heads up properly… all while keeping the spirit high with your team name, mascot, logo, etc embroidered on the side!  Hurray for custom beanies!

Beanies are great yet most knit caps are made of 100% acrylic fabrics that seem to soak up the body’s sweat in an inefficient manner.  You want some sort of custom beanie that has a wicking fabric, meaning the moisture of your body is pulled from the skin and hair and transporting it away from the body, keeping our little running body’s warm AND dry.

We’ve a good selection of options so give us a holler and we’ll get  you all geared up with our custom wicking beanies.

Click on that big fat button just below this text to find our store and contact us and shop and stuff. You can do it!

Click here for our online store!

Create a Great Day and see you on the running trail… 

Little Guy


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