Customized and Personalized Books

bookcoverWhat kind of books?  Any books… any book you wanna buy from educational industry to a retail book from Borders or a Barnes & Noble like retail store.  Corporate universities currently buying books in bulk at 15 to 20% over cost can get the same thing here with the option to add personalization/customization.  Put your logo on the cover, usually a minimum of 50 units.  Add a custom insert page right inside the book with a letter form your CEO, usually a minimum of 50 units as well.  How about your company offering a popular New York Times bestseller with a custom book jacket, minimum 500 units!?! Done!

Books are everlasting.  They are keepsakes.  They hold a value far beyone the suggested retail price.  They inspire, encourage, and motivate; they can stir within every one of us the strength, courage, and every other emotion potentially necessary for us to reach beyond what we imagine possible and becoming greater than we believe we are otherwise.

The possibilities are only limited to the books available in print.

Let us know what you need, and we’ll get to work on some of the most powerful promotions, gifts, awards, or inspirational mementos you could imagine.

Check out this online digital catalog with ideas, suggestions, testimonials, case studies… and let us know when you’re ready to make history with your company!  ***2009 Online Book Digi-Catalog***

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