Customized Eco-Friendly Office Products

Promote your brand til it’s GREEN!greenisblack

Being a company involved in the green movement isn’t a fad idea.  It’s about showing you care for our planet and the residents thereof!

Show your company cares… and you have so many ways of doing so.  Investing in promotional products that are more friendly on the environment is smart way.  Here’s a line of promotional products you can customize with your logo… these eco-friendly pens, pencils, and notebooks are great for handing out at tradeshows, job fairs, the office, etc.


Banks or other financial institutions… are you promoting your brand as GREEN!?!  Take advantage of the opportunity!

Be SUPER ECO FRIENDLY… double up on your eco-friendly marketing with a little eco-friendly public relations.  For a limited time, for every $500 in “GREEN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS” you buy from the line referred to in this post, we’ll preserve a 2500 square foot area of rainforest in your Organization’s Name!<–thru the Arbor Day Foundation’s Rainforest Rescue program.


Create a great day!

Little Guy

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