Custom Beer Bottle Caps

custom bottle caps

Top it off!

Top-Off Your Brand with Custom Bottle Caps

Save the beer!  And keep your logo hip and fresh while you are at it with Top-Off custom bottle caps.  These wonderful little custom beer bottle caps work perfectly to draw attention to your brand, especially with their bright colors.  Add your logo to the beer bottle caps, of course, for the perfect branding to craft beer fans everywhere.  These custom beer bottle caps are great promo give-a-ways too because of their inexpensive price.

They’re non-toxic PVC, durable, flexible, dishwasher safe, and reusable… designed to keep your bottled beverage fresh.  Custom bottle caps keep the fresh in, and the bugs out!

These custom bottle caps work great on more than just beer bottles!  Keep your grog fresh, keep your root beer fresh, keep your soda pop fresh.  Fresh, fresh, fresh!!!

The silicone bottle caps are screen printed with your logo, brand, or message.  They’re also extremely light weight.  This makes them a great choice for creating curiosity with mail marketing.  Their light weight and small size also make them easy to carry.  And they’re inexpensive, so your clients will like having several… for their cars, purses, at home, the office, the garage, and in the bar.  The custom bottle caps make for versatile promo merchandise… they are perfect for pubs, bars, music festivals, trade shows, the beach, spring break, weddings, private parties, sporting events, and more.

Plan in advance!  These silicone bottle caps take 2-3 weeks for production, plus shipping, so they don’t make great last minute choices for your marketing events.  So plan ahead, and top-off your branding with some hip SWAG, and experience the real power of promotional merchandise! Hurrah beer!

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Promote Your Brand!

Hurrah fresh beer!

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Custom Camelbak Water Bottles NEW!

custom Camelbak water bottle

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New Hotness… Custom Camelbak Water Bottle

A great custom water bottle for guzzlers, chuggers, and gulpers… the wide-mouth Camelbak Chute is now available for you to add your logo.  Why?  Cuz your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle makes you LOOK so cool, you don’t even need to BE cool.  Really?!  Yep.  Co-branding your brand with that of a trusted, reliable, household retail brand name offers your business a level of credibility, acceptance, and even tolerance.  The co-branding may assume you a foot in the door and a level of trust that would otherwise take you more time and investment in the business relationship.  With this level of trust, you can begin to cultivate your relationships with clients more quickly, building rapport, and helping your clients realize success with your business, service, or goods sooner rather than later.

You also benefit from the “rub-off” value.  Take an unknown brand and add it to a well known and established brand… instant coolness.

The quality of retail brands will likely call for a larger investment in your promotional merchandise.  You can save money by purchasing less expensive promo industry custom water bottles, however you’re likely to sacrifice quality, and occasionally the quality can be so poor the illusion of receiving a useful promotional product is short-lived as the product breaks within a single use or two, finding it a quick home in the garbage.

The question you want to ask yourself is, if I received this product, what would I think.  Order a sample of your low-priced promo and use it.  Test it out.  See how you feel both with your first impression, and after spending some time with it.  Does it’s quality represent the value, quality, and overall impression you liken to your own brand of good or service?  It may seem like a lot to consider for a custom water bottle, but consider the impact of the smallest details… and the experience you are creating for your staff, team, employees, clients, and prospects.

We are glad to assist you in creating quality promotional merchandise you can be proud of, like a custom Camelbak water bottle.

Call Big Guy Little Guy Promos today to inquire about your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle, and other branded promotional merchandise, and up your cool factor today!

Create a Cool Day!

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Personalized Mason Jars are Hot Promotional Items!

custom mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, double walled acrylic with lid, straw, and handle

Personalized Mason Jars are the New Hotness!

Personalized mason jars have been one of the hottest promotional merchandise items of 2013, 2014, and continue to be hot in 2015.  And styles of customized mason jars have been growing.  From the traditional single-walled glass mason jar without a handle, then with a handle, then acrylic, then double walled acrylic, and now in stainless steel, the personalized mason jar tumbler options just keep growing.  Here are a few options for personalized mason jars to help guide you in your decision making process.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 1: Glass. “Budget” glass.  You can have no handle or with a handle.  Customized glass mason jars are the least expensive option.  It’s still a classy options… go retro!

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 2: Single-walled acrylic. “Acrylic” is in, and if you want to roll with the big guys but spend like the little guys, single walled mason jars with no handle are the way to go.  They are great for low price point promotions that look and feel popular.

personalized mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, stainless steel with lid and straw

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 3: Double-walled acrylic. “Double Walled Acrylic” is hot.  It doesn’t sweat, it is considered “insulated”, and if you’re sporting a handle, you’re just plain maxed out with features.  This is what people shopping retail are looking for!  So with this option, you have the highest perceived value.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 4: Stainless steel. “Stainless Steel” is tough! Tough stuff, and tough to beat! They are a 30oz capacity, making them huge!  And, right now they’re still single-walled, which means they do “sweat”.  Their durable and tough steel construction likely make them the manliest way to sport a customized mason jar tumbler.

Be sure to check out our online store for more options, or contact us today for help with the best promotional merchandise you can find!

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Custom Guitars

custom guitars

Custom Guitars will Rock your Brand

Custom Guitars will Rock your Brand!

Want to tell someone they Rock?  How about a custom guitar?!

Fully custom guitars make for premium swag in the promotional product industry. Check this out!  Show your thanks in a big, bold and loud way with the loudest promotional gift ever!  We all know music connects people everywhere, so why not connect people with your brand on custom guitars?  Big, bold, and branded!  Shout it out loud and proud with the loudest promotional product ever. Music is a universal language which your brand can use to connect to people everywhere. Do something new, hot, and fresh!  Premium musical promotional merchandise with your brand is a hit!  Custom guitars, custom record awards, and custom ukuleles are unique and will connect your brand to your business players loud and clear.

Custom Guitars

Acoustic Guitar

These custom guitars are not only perfect for the music industry, but they are a great conversation piece and look fantastic on display in any office!

Here is an example of the details you get with the Acoustic Guitar:

This full sized acoustic dreadnought guitar is well-built and affordably priced for the best promo value possible. Special attention is given to the neck angle to ensure that every guitar is intonated and playable. Martin strings are used to make this guitar even easier to play. This is by far the best acoustic guitar value that you will find, period! Available in black, red, blue and natural.


  • White Wood Body
  • Maple Neck
  • High Gloss Finish
  • 20 Frets
  • Dot Inlays
  • Sealed Die-Cast Tuners
  • Laminated Vinyl Wrap

You choose from your favorite guitar style!  We have Fenders, Stagg Vintage-T, Peavey Rockmaster, AXL Badwater, Acoustic and many more!  We even have custom Banjos, which are my personal favorite!

Custom Guitars and Custom Banjos

Custom Banjo

Call BGLG Promos when you want your promo to Rock! 888-987-2454 (BGLG)

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Testimonials: Custom Contigo West Loop

Custom Contigo West Loop

Contigo West Loop

Custom Contigo West Loop Gun Metal 16 Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug
“We got a high-quality item that was functional and looked great. Our donors were very pleased with the product and you can find a well-used tumbler on every desk or in every car of our entire staff. Big Guy Little Guy is definitely “nonprofit organization” friendly and helped us find an incentive gift which respected the value of our donors contributions while still staying within our restrictive budget. and helped us find an incentive gift which respected the value of our donors contributions while still staying within our restrictive budget.”

When your company or event requires promotional merchandise with a high perceived value, an excellent choice for premium promotional merchandise is the Contigo drinkware line.  Time and again we received requests from brands across the U.S. requesting the best quality in drinkware that their money can buy.  These requests often include requests for the specific brand, Contigo.  Companies, brands, and organizations that want quality want Contigo.  Those that do their research quickly find that the Contigo brand the best drinkware to co-brand with.  BGLG Promos provides custom Contigo mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and shaker bottles that your customers, clients, staff, and fans will want to take with them everywhere they go.  They’re perfect for travel, gyms, office, fitness, outdoor and recreation, churches, fundraising for schools and organizations, appreciation gifts, and excellent donor gifts.
Check out these images from one of our clients who used custom Contigo West Loop tumblers as donor gifts.  We printed a 5-color logo with tight registration and the product looked amazing.  It was bright, colorful, and excellent quality.
custom Contigo West Loop
custom Contigo West Loop
custom Contigo West Loop
custom Contigo West Loop
We love feedback and testimonials, especially with pictures!  Thank you Allied Arts!
Make sure your check out Allied Art OKC!  They are a fantastic non-profit organization supporting the arts in Oklahoma! Like them on Facebook! Follow on Twitter!
And of course contact us to get your Custom Contigo West Loop and other Custom Contigo drinkware!
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custom promotional products

Beer Growler: Custom Growlers

beer growler: custom growlers

2L European Swing Top Growlers

“One of my new favorite promotional products this year is the Custom Beer Growler!”

Custom Growlers

Hurrah for a custom growler! A little background on the Beer Growler: A growler is a container that is traditionally used to transport draft beer or even cold-brew coffee.  The term “Growler” originated as a reference to the sound that came from the containers as carbon dioxide escaped from the beer that was inside.  Beer Growlers come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can also be made of different materials such as glass (amber, clear and cobalt), stainless steel and ceramic custom growlers.

Beer growlers can now be customized with your brewery logo! What I love about the custom growler is breweries can get their beer out into the marketplace without a huge upfront cash investment!  Over the last few years craft and micro-breweries have been popping up all over the country.  The custom growlers is becoming a very popular method for customers to transport beer from their favorite local brewery to home.  Want to increase your brand exposure?  Set up a beer growler refill program using your custom growlers!  Not only will customers come back for the great deal they are getting on your beer, but your logo will be carried all over town.  And you know your customers love to plaster pics of your custom growlers all over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

This post we’re going to focus on some of the variations of custom glass growlers that we carry.

One of the coolest looking glass growlers is the 2L European Growler with Swing Top shown at the top left of this post.  This custom growler is my favorite glass growler due to it’s unique shape, the metal handle and bulky swing top.  This beer growler is so cool, and it’s great for displaying when not in use!

Another unique custom growler is the 2L Palla Swing Top Growler.  This also has a cool shape that is perfect for displaying.

custom growlers

2L Palla Swing Top Growler

Next is the 32 oz EZ Cap Flip Top Growler.  This growler comes in amber and cobalt blue!

custom growlers

EZ Cap Flip Top

Then we have the 32 oz Boston Round Growlers that come in amber and clear.  These custom growlers have a twist on reusable cap.

custom growlers

Boston Round Growler

The last growler that we carry in glass is the standard 64 oz or 32 oz Growler with handle.  This growler also has a twist on cap and comes in clear and amber.

custom growlers

Clear 64 oz Growler with Handle

custom growlers

Amber 64 oz Growler with Handle


Custom growlers come in so many shapes and sizes!  Why not put your logo on all of these?!

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Fully Customized Sunglasses

customized sunglassesThink your Brand is Joe Cool? Maybe if you have Customized Sunglasses…

Summer is here! And boy is that sun bright.  Are you holding an event outside or promoting a spring and summer event?  If so, these fully customized sunglasses are a perfect promotion for your brand!  How about this: Stay cool and enroll in Summer School! Or: Our Future is So Bright, We Gotta Wear Shades!  See!?! What a perfect promo to give to all new summer school students!  Or even better… for graduation!  How about pairing these custom sunglasses with a custom 24 oz Acrylic Tumbler-Tervis Style! with your school logo on both!  Try customized sunglasses and custom Tervis-like tumblers as wedding favors for your guests!  Or you could pair these bad boys with a custom t-shirt or a custom beach towel and tie it all up with a custom printed ribbon!  Oh the ideas just keep flowing!

customized sunglasses

These customized sunglasses are completely custom made to your specifications. Start with picking ANY color on the frames free of charge. Then add multicolor logo printing anywhere on the frames of the glasses. With three different lens printing methods available, you can print anywhere you’d like on your lenses! Our standard lens is FDA approved UV400 but you can also upgrade to a polarized lens.

If you are looking to round out your promotion, make sure to add a custom microfiber pouch.  Customized sunglasses are great promotional merchandise solutions because they are low-cost and easy on the budget, light-weight for shipping and mailing as gifts, high perceived value making them great for fundraisers, and people are looking for a handy pair of shades year round making them great for retailing.

customized sunglassesCustomized sunglasses are one of the most perfect custom promotional products, and BGLG Promos is the perfect resource to keep your brand looking cool all year round!

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Custom OtterBox Cases-Personalize your Otterbox Case!

custom OtterBoxWhen you think of protection for your favorite mobile device, you think of OtterBox!  Why? Because we all like Otters!  Of course everyone likes Otters, but we think of OtterBox because it’s the ultimate brand for protection for those devices!  Well now you can c0-brand with OtterBox!  Co-branding is a great way to show your clients and employees you care about your brand and you only want to be associated with the best brands out there.

These custom OtterBox cases are made of polycarbonate which deflects impact shock from bumps and drops, while the inner cover snugly wraps around your preferred device. These tough cases provide durable and sleek protection. Port covers help keep ports and jacks free of dust and dirt while the included self-adhesive screen protector guards against scratches and smudges.



custom OtterBoxcustom OtterBox


Our custom imprinted OtterBox cases are made for the iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini as well as the Galaxy 4S.  We also carry the OtterBox Commuter, Defender and Preserver.  Pick your favorite Black or White OtterBox case and brand it with your logo!  What a great gift!

custom OtterBox

custom OtterBox

Contact us now to find out how to brand your custom OtterBox!

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24 oz Tumblers with Colorful Lid-Custom Tervis Style!

Custom 24 oz Acrylic TumblersLooking for Tervis, but don’t want to pay Tervis prices?  Here is the perfect 24 oz Acryic Tumbler that will give you that same Tervis look with a great price!  This acrylic tumbler is awesome and one of our top sellers this year!

24oz Lid Colors

This Custom 24 oz Acrylic Tumbler comes in 9 great lid colors.  Match your logo with one of these hot lid colors or compliment your logo with a pop!  Bright colors are popular and trendy right now and we just added 4 bright new colors!

These personalized acrylic tumblers are BPA Free, double wall insulated to keep your beverages hot or cold longer.  With the small bottom, they will fit in most cup holders!

These are great handouts at tradeshows, party gifts, or use them as a way to say thanks for all you do.  My wife just got one of these from the hospital for nurses week.  She uses it everyday!  What a great promotion!

Check out our other acrylic tumbler sizes!  They are so popular, we even sell them blank!

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custom promotional merchandise

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Custom Swing Top Glass Bottles

Custom Swing Top Glass BottlesStay classy with this Sleek Custom Swing Top Glass Bottle!

One of my favorite promotional products this season is this 34 oz single wall glass bottle with seal tight swing top stopper – made in Italy!  It’s classic, it’s stylish and it’s perfect for the beverage industry!

This custom glass bottle is ideal for restaurants that place water on the tables or wedding receptions.  The swing top stopper is great for keeping your beverage fresh.  Put water, beer, wine or iced tea in this custom swing top glass bottle and keep it fresh.

Brand this bottle with your logo and leave a lasting impression with a promotional product that will be used over and over!

Glass is great!  Contact us for more into today!

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