Personalized Beer Mugs and Pong Cups

personalized beer mugsOkay fancy craft beer drinkers… now you can get your big time fancy brand on and your drink on with this ceramic, beer-pong-style mug with a handle.   So get that fancy pinky high up in their air and celebrate beer with us!

This week I will be doing a special series on great beer swag promotional products in honor of the 2014 American Craft Brew Week.  Hurray beer!  Hurray USA!  HURRAY USA BEER!

This personalized beer mug has been nicely modeled after the infamous beer pong cup, which is in itself a terrific for your custom beer swag arsenal.  It holds 14oz of chilled beer so nicely, you’ll be able to enjoy sips and samples from all your favorite breweries at beer festivals, parties, gatherings, or even just hanging at home with family or friends.

It is important that you have some beer swag for your beer brand that is unique.  Your beer swag needs to stand out amongst all the countless pint glasses and cheap bottle koozies at every beer tasting.  This could very well be the solution you need.  If not, well, we’re BGLG, and beer swag is what we do! Custom beer glasses, personalized beer glasses, personalized beer mugs, personalized pint glasses, ceramic beer mugs, custom tshirts, custom caps, custom bottle openers, and so many more unique and creative ways to promote your brand!  Contact us for more info today.


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