Personalized Dr. Seuss Book Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Oh, The Places Your Brand Will Go!  Reach out and let people know you believe in them.  Inspire courage in the face of challenge, cuz don’t we all know life is full of challenges.  We know our clients, customers, employees, staff, associates, friends all face challenges.  Books with the appropriate message are an excellent way to express your support and appreciation for others.  This personalized Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is the perfect gift for anyone experiencing life’s transitions…whether it be new job, new home or graduation from school… in this book, all journeys face perils, whether from indecision, from loneliness, or worst of all, from too much waiting.  Seuss’ familiar pajama-clad hero is up to the challenge, and his odyssey is captured vividly in busy two-page spreads evoking both the good times (grinning purple elephants, floating golden castles) and the bad (deep blue wells of confusion). Seuss’ message is simple but never sappy: life may be a ‘Great Balancing Act,’ but through it all ‘There’s fun to be done.'”

We offer this personalized Dr. Seuss book blank or with your own logo, custom page insert, or custom book jacket. Give us a holler and we’ll gladly help you.

Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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