Personalized Wicking Beanie & Logo

Take that, sweat!

Ok runners… is it cold outside for your little head?  Are your ears turning fire engine red from the prickly cold air while you run on the trails?  Your running team needs some running gear to protect you from the shivering and biting cold and other wintery outdoor elements.

Beanies are great yet most knit caps are made of 100% acrylic fabrics that seem to soak up the body’s sweat in an inefficient way.  You want some sort of custom beanie that has a wicking fabric, meaning the moisture of our body is pulled from the skin and hair and transported away from the body, keeping our little running bodies warm AND dry.

Here is the answer… a 60/40 cotton/acrylic body with a 100% polyester lining that does this magical wizardry of keeping your sweaty head warm AND dry.  And we’re here to customize it for you by putting your logo on it.  Is that a great branding tool or what!?! Practical and functional.  A couple winters ago we outfitted some 1200 participants of a marathon up in Nova Scotia… that’s in Canada 😉  We did a fleece toque (aka beanie) & logo of the marathon event embroidered on the side.  The result was every participant of the event got a sweet personalized wicking beanie complete with the marathon logo.  This kept so many Canadians warm and dry for their event and it was a perfect keepsake!  Yes you get a medal for completing your race but it’s not like you’re gonna wear that out to run the trails next week.  But having that personalized wicking beanie for every other moment you step out in the cold… priceless branding!

We’re ready when you are!

Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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