Really Eco Friendly… Put Your Logo on a Plant

mspress-bean-boxReally.  I saw this and thought… “Really?”

Yes.  Really!  It’s the Magic Message Bean!  Weeeee!

It’s not tiny skilled people that put your logo on the bean… a special machine engraves your logo or message on the bean without damaging the core of the seed.  You plant it in the enriched soil that helps your plant grow faster… give it a little water… and watch it grow.  Well… you want to give it to customers, clients, staff, employees, etc and let them watch it grow.

Click on the small image above to link to a web page with more info.

For a downloadable PDF of more info click on the image below…


Come on, we all need a little more green in our office and at home.  Green is the most pleasing color to the eye ya know.

Create a Great Day!

Little Guy

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Like custom imprinted plants!

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