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16 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Straw Wholesale!

Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Straw Wholesale: New Colors!!!

The classic 16 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Straw wholesale just got better with five (5) new colors!  That’s a total of sixteen (16) different Acrylic Tumbler colors!  We now have Eggplant, Teal, Indigo Blue, Olive Green and Merlot!

Put and imprint on them or buy them blank wholesale! We can help fulfill all your orders. Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Straw continue to be a hot promotional item.  These acrylic tumblers get used over and over giving your logo multiple opportunities to make an impression!

Make your brand last with these 16 oz Classic Acrylic Tumblers all for a great price!

Check them out!  BGLG Promos offers free setup and Free ground shipping for all online orders!  The double wall acrylic tumbler with straw wholesale pricing allows you to get the most return on your branding projects.

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Acrylic Tumblers: Classic 16 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Lid and Straws

Custom Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers

Now on sale until July 1, 2013!  Our classic 16 oz double wall acrylic tumblers are on sale for a limited time!

Customize this Acrylic Tumbler with lid and straw and take up to 10% off.  Contact us now for a quote!

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Low Minimum Custom Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Candy Cane Straw and Peppermint Sticks

The holidays are coming up quick!  Make this 2012 holiday a special one with these custom double wall acrylic tumblers filled with Peppermint Sticks and a Candy Cane Straw!  Not only are you getting a custom double wall acrylic tumbler that can be used over and over for the best brand exposure, but your also celebrating the holidays with a special treat inside!

We also have a low minimum on these acrylic tumblers at 24 tumblers for Blank so you all of you creative people can decorate your own!  Or take the pressure off this holiday season by letting us do the work and we’ll put your logo on these tumblers!  Maybe a red imprint to match the straw and peppermint sticks?

As always these acrylic tumblers are BPA Free.

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Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Sparkle Bling Stones!

Look into the light!  But don’t look too long, these things are shiny!!!  If your like me and are attracted to shiny objects, here’s a new twist on the classic Acrylic Tumblers: 20 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Sparkle Bling Stones!

These Sparkle Bling Acrylic Tumblers are Double Wall, BPA free with matching lid and straw.  They come in 4 different colors and they are 20 ounces of Sparkle goodness!  The straws come with a propeller on the bottom so you can mix with some FORCE!

All of you putting Sparkle stones on your tumblers, this will save you hours!  Buy them blank or with a custom imprint as shown above.  Up to 2 imprint colors.

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and like us on Facebook!  We’ll be sending out a discount code for the launch of this product! BLING BLING!

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Wholesale Priced Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Flip Up Straw!

Need a gift at an affordable price?  Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Flip Up Straws are great graduation gifts!

Get wholesale pricing for these BPA Free Acrylic Tumblers!  Buy them blank or buy them with a custom imprint.  You can now do both right from our site.  No need to contact us, unless you want to. 😉

These Acrylic Tumblers come with a built in flip up straw, so you don’t have to worry about the straws breaking off.  They are Double Wall so you don’t feel the sweat of your ice cold beverage and they are also BPA Free.  These come in 10 different colors and are now available in the larger 20 oz size!

We also love to mix and match, which means you can mix up the colors to meet our very low minimum of 24 Acrylic Tumblers! Check them out!

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20 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Swirly Straw

Sometimes Bigger is Better!  Do you hate refilling your 16 oz Acrylic Tumblers over and over?  Well now you don’t have to fill your Acrylic Tumblers quite as often!  Introducing the NEW 20 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with the popular Swirly Straw!

Crazy Straws, Twisty Straws, Swirly Straws…doesn’t matter what you call them, they are the new hotness!

Buy these Blank 20 oz Double Wall BPA free Acrylic Tumblers and decorate them yourself, or let us put your logo on them!  These colors are bright and vibrant and such to attract attention to your Brand!

WARNING: You WILL get people asking you where you got this Acrylic Tumbler from!  And of course you will say: “The Greatest Promotional Products Distributor in the World, Big Guy Little Guy!”

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Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Color Lid and Straw

Big Guy Little Guy has brought you multiple ways to mix and match you Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers…and now we bring you one more!

Mix and Match your Double Wall BPA free Acrylic Tumbler lids at No Extra Charge!  Buy them Blank or Buy them decorated, it doesn’t matter!  You can now pick any color of Lid for you tumbler as well as any color straw!  Match the color of your imprint and really show your style!

This is just one more way Big Guy Little Guy helps you personalize your Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers!

You can do with with any size tumbler: 16 oz, 20 oz or 24 oz Tumblers!  Just put what color you want in the additional info section before checking out!

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12 oz Tervis Like Acrylic Tumblers-Low Minimums


A couple weeks ago we brought you the knockoff, but as good as, Tervis Tumbler in the 16 oz size with 4 Cup Colors and 6 Lid Colors! Now we bring you the 12 oz Tervis Knockoff Acrylic Tumblers!  This 12 oz size is perfect for schools and sports teams!  You can mix and match your lid colors with a minimum of 12 pieces!  Now that is a Low Minimum for Acrylic Tumblers!

These 12 oz Tervis Like Acrylic Tumblers can also be personalized or customized with you team logo, or company logo to match your lid choice!  These Acrylic Tumblers are double walled, BPA Free, so you can use them for Hot or Cold drinks!  What a great Holiday Gift for your employees!  Put your Egg Nog in these Tervis Like Tumblers for your Holiday Party!

We also sell these Blank so you can decorate them yourselves!

Make sure you sign up for our Newsletter/Promotions for Discounts on these Acrylic tumblers!

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Blue 16 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Swirly Straw

We now have a new color of our Popular 16 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with Swirly Straw!  BLUE!  It sure is a thing of beauty!

We now have 7 different Swirly Straw Tumbler Colors and the best part is you can mix and match these tumblers to meet our low minimum!

We sell them Blank or Imprinted to fit your needs!

Make sure you sign up for our newsletter/promo letter for discounts on a products….I believe we just sent out a discount code for 10% off these Acrylic Tumblers!  Better check our twitter page! Like us on facebook…i believe our codes float by on that page as well!

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Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler-Low Minimums!


We have updated our 15 oz Clearview Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers with a new Low Minimum of 24 pieces!  You can now by these popular Acrylic Tumblers with an imprint or blank, right from our store!

Just to remind you of some of the features:  This 15 oz Acrylic Tumblers is a BPA free, double wall acrylic tumbler with press on lid and straw with an optional twist on lid for hot drinks!  You can get both the lid with straw and twist on lid for $1 more!

Check out our live video of this product to see the size comparison to our classic 16 oz Acrylic Tumbler.


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