Custom Puma

It is time to get your Puma on! If you identify with and love the Puma brand, then co-brand your company on Puma products.  You’re putting a quality, retail product, that your customers and employees know and trust, in their hands… AND it has your logo on it.  This is an easy way to establish or improve your brand’s credibility.

personalized pumaToday, I’ll share with you this backpack cinch bag, the Puma Teamsport Formation Gym Sack, which is perfect for your company or group.  It is a great custom puma promo bag for company travel events, team sports, fundraising for schools, company and school stores, gyms, yoga studios, running clubs, and more.   How about travel companies?  Put your logo on this Puma bag, and give it to your clients.  I can see dad’s all over Disney World carrying all their baby swag, water bottles, and fruit snacks in this bag… vs some boring backpack or Vera Bradley bag.  Yes.  With custom Puma, BGLG makes both your brand cool, and dad’s cool.

The custom puma gym bag comes in five colors.  Click below to get your custom Puma!

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Little Guy

custom tumblers
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Custom CamelBak MULE Hydration Backpack

It’s been a hot summer for shizzle!  The great heat wave of 2012 has parched most of us here in the midwest and more recently the rest of the nation.  Everywhere we go we are hearing “Keep hydrated!!!” Well this is all the more important for those people out there on the hiking and biking trails.  And if you’re out there for hours you’re gonna need plenty of water on hand.  Too bad you’re not a camel.  Well we can help you pretend to be a camel… errrr… maybe a mule in this case.

If your team or group or staff is heading outdoors and needs a great promo product to celebrate your adventure these customized CamelBak MULE bags are perfect for keeping all in your group… alive!

Your group may not always find themselves outside hiking or cycling and thirsty for a drink of refreshing water… but when they are, make sure they have their customized CamelBak MULE hydration pack.

For more information on customized CamelBak hydration packs and customized CamelBak water bottles, please contact us thru our online store by clicking on the button below.

Stay thirsty my friends… and as always…

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Custom High Sierra Backpack

Big Guy Little Guy is now selling High Sierra!  High Sierra is a high quality bag maker that sells durable bags ranging from luggage to day bags!

This High Sierra backpack is stylish and roomy with great extra features including:

  • Large front-load main compartment.
  • MP3 player pocket with molded headphone port.
  • Large gusseted front pocket holds accessories.
  • Core organizer compartment with multiple pockets and key fob.
  • Contoured, padded shoulder straps with integrated media/cell phone pocket.
  • Comfortable padded back panel.
  • Mesh beverage pocket.
  • Convenient grab handle.

This bag also comes in 5 different colors!

Now you can embroider your company logo on the quality bags and hand them out to your top customers.  What a great way to say Thank You, to you hard working employees…and the best thing is your brand will be carried around across the country!

Big Guy