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Custom Camelbak Water Bottles NEW!

custom Camelbak water bottle

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New Hotness… Custom Camelbak Water Bottle

A great custom water bottle for guzzlers, chuggers, and gulpers… the wide-mouth Camelbak Chute is now available for you to add your logo.  Why?  Cuz your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle makes you LOOK so cool, you don’t even need to BE cool.  Really?!  Yep.  Co-branding your brand with that of a trusted, reliable, household retail brand name offers your business a level of credibility, acceptance, and even tolerance.  The co-branding may assume you a foot in the door and a level of trust that would otherwise take you more time and investment in the business relationship.  With this level of trust, you can begin to cultivate your relationships with clients more quickly, building rapport, and helping your clients realize success with your business, service, or goods sooner rather than later.

You also benefit from the “rub-off” value.  Take an unknown brand and add it to a well known and established brand… instant coolness.

The quality of retail brands will likely call for a larger investment in your promotional merchandise.  You can save money by purchasing less expensive promo industry custom water bottles, however you’re likely to sacrifice quality, and occasionally the quality can be so poor the illusion of receiving a useful promotional product is short-lived as the product breaks within a single use or two, finding it a quick home in the garbage.

The question you want to ask yourself is, if I received this product, what would I think.  Order a sample of your low-priced promo and use it.  Test it out.  See how you feel both with your first impression, and after spending some time with it.  Does it’s quality represent the value, quality, and overall impression you liken to your own brand of good or service?  It may seem like a lot to consider for a custom water bottle, but consider the impact of the smallest details… and the experience you are creating for your staff, team, employees, clients, and prospects.

We are glad to assist you in creating quality promotional merchandise you can be proud of, like a custom Camelbak water bottle.

Call Big Guy Little Guy Promos today to inquire about your logo on a custom Camelbak water bottle, and other branded promotional merchandise, and up your cool factor today!

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Custom Jeliku

custom desk accesoryThis is a fantastically entertaining office product that will engage recipients with a fun gadget… the only question is, whose brand will people be engaged with?

Customize this Jeliku desktop accessory, toy, and conversation piece with your logo, and all eyes will be engaged with your brand.  The Jeliku can be used to build a phone cradle, hold business cards, sticky notes, writing instruments, and so much more… and you can even challenge your customers to how creative they can be with their Jeliku and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even mail in pics for your own social media site.  It’s the perfect promotional tool for you to engage more with your customers and staff.  Isn’t this all about making connections?

The Jeliku is made of multi-colored, hinged squares, and each one includes full-color imprint in the center section. These are packed in individual cellophane sleeves with a design suggestion sheet. (These are also available in individual primary colors for larger quantities only).

With BGLG, you’ve got options, you’ve got creativity, and you’ve got swag!

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Personalized Bubba Kegs

bubba keg

52oz Bubba Keg, Contact BGLG at 888.987.2454(BGLG) to order your personalized Bubba Kegs today.

Time to put your logo on the Bubba Keg, made by bubba brands, the thermal hydration experts.  You’re not just putting your logo on a keg-like tumbler, you’re putting your logo on a specially designed product, engineered to keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as needed.  The Bubba Keg has a strong reputation for quality and performance… and that is the kind of character most companies would appreciate aligning with.  It’s time for personalized Bubba Kegs.

As stated by bubba brands… “think of bubba brands as you would your friend, your best friend, someone that is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, dependable, approachable, sociable and a good companion. someone you can count on through thick and thin. it is our desire to have bubba products go along with you in your life.  bubba will be there for you no matter what you are doing. whether you are at work, driving in the car, working out at the gym, relaxing at home, doing yardwork, watching tv, hanging out with family or partying with friends, bubba is there.”

Even I want bubba to be my friend now!  And your employees and customers will love their personalized bubba kegs too.  They say money can’t buy friends, but whoever said that obviously never met bubba.

And bubba has family too!  We carry the 20oz, 34oz, and 52oz Bubba Kegs all ready to add your logo.

The 20oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 20 ounces. Baby Bubba Keg has a flip top lid and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

The 34oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 34 ounces Dual wall insulated beverage mug. Stainless steel outer and plastic inner combination.

The 52oz Bubba Keg… Our largest mug available! Holds 52 ounces. Bubba Keg TM has a flip top, spill-proof o-ring fitted cap. Flip top and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

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Personalized Wine Glasses

custom wine glassesPersonalized wine glasses are truly a coveted premium item in the promotional world, and at Big Guy Little Guy Promotions we will create the perfect customized wine glasses just for you.

Our selection of glassware is vast and includes the brand Riedel, offering top-quality casual and fine dining glassware for your branded premiums. You may want stemless wine glasses for a casual expression, or a pinot noir wine glass for a more popular wine favor, or maybe your gift is for a finer occasion requiring a nice stemmed set of etched wine glasses.  Whatever the occasion, our wine loving branding team at Big Guy Little Guy Promotions will help you create the right solution for you.

Personalized wine glasses make great employee recognition gifts, as well as much appreciated customer appreciation gifts.  And to strengthen the value of your offer, we encourage you to co-brand your personalized wine glasses by putting your company logo on the recognized and trusted Riedel brand quality glassware.

Contact us today for more information.

Create a delicious wine and cheese kinda day,

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Custom Puma Brand Swag

personalized duffel bag


custom puma duffel


You can, and we highly recommend, put your logo on the products of other brands.  Co-branding your own brand with that of a reputable, retail, recognized, household brand does something very special… it gives your brand credibility.  Something happens with your brand, and it’s psychological. And when you experience this, you discover how oh so good it feels. Like being approached by a complete stranger and being told… “Hey I know you.  I love you man.” Okay well that may be a bit over the top.

This psychological event works for your brand though.  When I’m holding my Puma bag or tote, or I’m wearing my Puma cap or my Puma golf shirt, and I have your logo on this custom Puma gear, I make this subconscious connection of the dots.  I create a generalized association between the quality, feel, comfort, self-identification of the Puma gear I have, with your brand, because your logo is on the custom Puma gear.  That is C0-branding.  It’s healthy, and we encourage you to engage in it.  Yes, drink the co-brand koolaid.  It’s yummy!

Bags, totes, sacks, all great event promotions.  Here is a Puma duffel, which would be awesome for your teams… dance, football, basketball, swim, tae kwon do, cheer, hockey… whichever sport you are part of.  Your corporate challenge sports team would look like rockstars carrying these in hand.  Custom Puma duffel bags with your company logo. Friends… you win!

Contact BGLG for details on how to get your personalized Puma gear. Custom Puma brand swag… #wedothat.

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Little Guy… Hey I want one of these for yoga!



Custom Rubik’s Cube

Co-Branding your brand with established brands is a win for you!  So if your target audience likes a good challenge or is into puzzles or problem solving, or if they like games, consider the custom Rubik’s Cube.  Yes, a very powerful promotional product.  At a minimum 50 units you can add your logo in 1 or 2 colors in a step and repeat pattern on any of the colored sides… or for a minimum 500 units you can do a completely full color custom Rubik’s Cube imprint.

The original custom Rubik’s Cube gets your 1 to 2 color imprint on one side… where the fully custom Rubik’s Cube gets your full color totally custom imprint including full color photography on up to all six sides of your custom Rubik’s Cube. Think of the endless possibilities and challenge you can offer your audience… and talk about a captive audience!  They may never put it down!

For more info on ordering your custom Rubik’s Cube, click the image and contact us thru our online store.

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Personalized Stainless Steel Sharpie

Make your mark in permanent style 😉

This personalized Sharpie brand stainless steel marker should come with a warning; it’s that cool!  My late grandmother would have said… “Does that thing come with a club?  Cuz you’re gonna need to beat the ladies off you it looks so good.”  Ok well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but really you might want to keep this custom printed stainless steel Sharpie hidden when not in use… it will likely walk right off your desk.

Here are some of the finer points of this custom printed fine point sharpie marker…

• Stylish stainless steel barrel.

• Black ink, fine point.

• Refillable.

• Permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces.

• Quick-drying, AP Certified non-toxic ink formula.

• Laser engraving available on cap or barrel for a lasting impression.

What are you waiting for!?!  Order these and your boss is surely gonna love you.  Maybe there’s even a raise in your future O_O

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Custom Printed Pens… Closeout Papermate & Sharpie Products

Wow! Are you looking for a great price on quality custom printed pens? Check these great deals out. Closeout PaperMate and Closeout Sharpie products you can custom print with your logo or message at unbeatable prices. Gotta love it when you come across a great find like this…

sanford 20090630 closeout

PaperMate Gel Roller RT2 with black ink: was $1.68, now $.86, min 500 units
PaperMate Sport Retractable with blue or black ink: was $.69, now $.34, min 1000 units
PaperMate Write Bros Stick Pen with black ink: was $.41, now $.21, min 2000 units
Sharpie Micro: was $1.44, now $.72, min 500 units
Sharpie Extra Fine with metal or plastic clip: was $1.44, now $.72, min 500 units
PowerTank RT with red ink: was $2.60, now $.99, min 200 units

Hurry, these offers are only good while inventory lasts 🙂

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Custom Printed Post-It Flag Highlighter

3mflaghighlighterVery cool product… this or the pen… the flags are concealed in the barrel, which you rotate for flag access.  VERY COOL! Like an office spy gadget or something.  Put your logo on this one… comes in a custom printed Post-It Pen version too!

This product was made popular when it was showcased on Oprah

Would make a great office award for “stealthiest employee” or something!

Click on image for details…

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