Custom Promotional Products: Custom Swag for Yogi Beer Project

Case Study: Custom Promotional Products for

The Yogi Beer Project

BGLG loves custom promotional products… especially for a good cause!  The benefit of The Yogi Beer Project is beyond bringing people together for the celebration of health and community.  Their mission is also to give back in gratitude for all that we are given. The Yogi Beer Project donates event proceeds to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other charities.  We love the cause.  We love beer.  We love yoga!

Now how could The Yogi Beer Project use custom promotional products to help them on their mission?

Using custom promotional products, or promotional merchandise, can serve you in multiple ways:

  • Company Branding

    yoga and beer
    The Yogi Beer Project
  • Revenue Source
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Gift for Participation
  • Donor Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Client Appreciation
  • Awards
  • Recognition
  • Retail merchandise
  • Souvenirs
  • Golf Tournament
  • Advertising
  • Event Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Company Apparel
  • Product Launch
  • Public Relations
  • Recruitment
  • Team Building
  • Thank You Gift
  • Tradeshows
  • Uniforms
  • Wellness Programs
  • … and more!

When yoga teacher, Brad Elpers, wanted to get more guys to try yoga, he used beer at the local pub after class to lure his buddies to the local yoga studio. It worked!  When he began teaching yoga late in 2014, he decided for his karma yoga, he would turn his little informal yogi beer group into a project that would raise awareness to the benefits of yoga and give back to the community by donating yoga class fees to charitable organizations.  The project was well received.  Brad’s planning included creating a brand that participants likened to a community, and communities love to express their community pride!  What better way to share your pride than with wearables and promotional merchandise you can wear and use in public!?!  We recommended soft, retail-quality t-shirts and beverage-related promotional merchandise, like the custom beer sweater.  For business cards, we recommended paperboard beer coasters, full color, with 2-sided imprint.  As business expands, they could add more wearables like caps, yoga towels that double as bar towels, glassware, and more.  Check out the swag that BGLG provides for the Yogi Beer Project! Check out for more information.

Custom promotional products
Custom T-Shirts

Custom Promotional Products
Custom Beer Sweater

Custom Promotional Products
Custom Stadium Cups

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Custom Promotional Products

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Custom Bev2Go Stemless Wine Glass

Bev2Go Stemless Wine Glass Mania!!!

bev2go stemless wine glass
Custom Bev2Go Stemless Wine Glass

Acrylic Wine Glasses, such as the Bev2Go stemless wine glass, continue to be a popular promotional product!  It all started with the Vino2Go as seen on the Today show and now we have the Bev2Go stemless wine glass!

stemless wine glass lids

The custom Bev2Go stemless wine glass is an acrylic wine tumbler.  It comes with 8 different lid colors and a clear straw.  You can also drink straight from the spill proof lid.  The Bev2Go stemless wine tumbler is double walled so your beverage won’t sweat.  It is also, of course, BPA free.  That means no crazy chemicals sneaking into your delicious wine by the pool!  And look!  Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! There is a lid which means no bugs making your wine taste funny.  Sorry fruit flies… no wine for you!

These acrylic wine tumblers are perfect for making a statement with your brand whether you’re at your favorite public event or poolside with your friends.  Customize these Bev2Go stemless wine glass tumblers or buy them wholesale blank!

Now available at BGLG!

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Custom Ladies Hockey Shirts

lace up tshirtHere are the perfect lace-up shirts for teams and groups trying to create the feel of the old time hockey shirts or football shirts.  The custom ladies lace-up crewneck shirt can be screen printed with your logo, name, number… creating the perfect team shirt!  We can add your company logo to make a great hockey or football themed promotion for the office or to launch your new product.

Add a foam football and have your staff, wearing these custom ladies hockey shirts, sign the footballs as you pass them out… and sign them with your own custom sharpies!

We do that.

Create a Great Day!

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custom promotional merchandise
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Custom Water Bottles: Tritan Water Bottles with Full Color Logo from BGLG

Custom Water BottlesCustom water bottles are your ticket to brand recognition.  We put your logo on Tritan water bottles.  Tritan is a durable, high impact resistant plastic the means your custom water bottle will last!  These custom water bottles are BPA free too, meaning you’re brand is now being Earth friendly.  Custom water bottles are a practical promotional product to get your brand name in front of many eyes at a high frequency.  People carry their custom water bottles to work, to the gym, to class, on trips, on the walking and riding and jogging trails, to the park; wow, that’s a lot of places.

How do you make your brand stand out with a custom water bottle though!?! A lot of businesses put their brands on water bottles, so you want to make sure you’re a head above the rest to stand out!

Now this very popular and high quality custom water bottle, a tritan water bottle, a BPA free water bottle, is available with a low-cost, full-color imprint to maximize the possibility that your brand is seen by people! Woohoo!

The 24oz full color Alta Tritan water bottle is just like our other Alta Tritan water bottle, except we can do a full color imprint on the sleeve.

Now your brand can say hello to AWESOME!

Create a Great Day!

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Custom Cotton Lined Beanie with YOUR Logo, School Name, Band Name Inexpensive!

Beanies have come a long way. Still more popular than ever, this season’s beanies have been adjusted to be more of a stylish, snug fit, but enhanced to include moisture wicking technology! Now is the time to get these for your football team, hockey team, band, or hip company.

Best of all, we can get these to you for as low as $4.15! Now that’s a deal! You can turn around and sell these for $10 ALL DAY LONG!

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Customized Maglite Style LED Flashlight High Intensity Mag Light With YOUR CUSTOM LOGO! $12

This style of flashlight is king of the jungle. It lights the way on only 3 AA batteries but it is so much more than just a light.

You can use it as a baton in your relay races, you can use it as a mini baseball bat, you can hit people with it, and it will really hurt. OR, you can just use it as a High Intensity flashlight.

This is what every MAN needs with his tools or hunting equipment. NOTICE: I said Man, not Male, not every male needs/deserves a flashlight this bad ass. Let us LASER ENGRAVE this bad boy with your custom company logo, and now you’re in business.

And with prices as low as $11.99, it is now affordable to give out as company prizes or incentives!


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Custom Cinchpak Cinch Bag Cinch Pack! Fundraiser! Inexpensive!

Cinchpaks are the coolest, easiest, and least expensive way of getting your name out there. Period. Everyone is using them from middle school athletics to corporate retreats to bringing grandmom on family trips. YOU need YOUR logo on these. What a great fundraising opportunity! We can have these in your hands printed for as low as $2.49! You could turn that around and sell them for $5 all across school! What a practical, easy way to keep your personal belongings!

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Custom Automatic Movement Watch with YOUR Company Logo for under $100! Aristocrat!

We all know how important name recognition is. For those of you who understand that name recognition is not just about having your name of random plastic swag, you are in for a treat. An EXTREMELY important part of name reconition is having your name on a QUALITY piece.

I will never forget the Pharmacutical Rep who wanted pens but skimped on the quality….let’s just put it this way..would YOU be encouraged to take HIS brand of BIRTH CONTROL if his pens only worked half the time???? You may be chuckling, but that is a TRUE STORY, sadly enough. Ok, I think I’ve made my point!

Now we have MANY quality watches that we can put your logo on, and this one may just be king. When you move from battery-powered to automatic movement, your clients, employees, and members will know that you mean business.  They just don’t have to know you paid LESS THAN $100 FOR IT! That’ll be our secret!

6 units | $149.99

25 units | $109.99

50 units | $104.99

100 units | $99.99

RT93 Check-Mate Automatic Movement Watch

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