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Embroidered Lightweight Fleece Jackets

Embroidered Lightweight Fleece Jackets

Embroidered Lightweight Fleece Jackets

Spring is just around the corner!  Are you ready with your Embroidered Lightweight Fleece Jackets?  Add a microfleece jacket to you collection with custom embroidery.  We will digitize your logo and customize your fleece with a low minimum of 12 pieces. Mix and match colors, sizes and genders.

Embroidered Lightweight Fleece JacketsIdeal for cool spring weather, this lightweight microfleece jacket delivers warmth without unnecessary bulk. Perfect alone or layered for those cold winter days, it’s a great value and it features clear coil zippers with dyed-to-match chain stitching and taping. (Grey chain stitching on White.) An anti-pill finish helps preserve a clean appearance.

Some more details:

  • 7.5-ounce, 100% polyester microfleece
  • 100% polyester tricot pockets
  • Non-zippered front pockets
  • Open cuffs and hem

Embroidered Lightweight Fleece Jackets come in Pullover, Full Zip or Sleeveless Vest versions in both Men’s and Ladies cut.

Add your company logo to the left chest or sleeve and make an impression this spring.

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Jet Black Shirts for Corporate and Teams, Screen Printed or Embroidered

Jet Black is the New Black
In case you didn’t know, jet black is the new black.  If your company, team, group, or school needs black shirts, and not just any black… but consistently black black, then Big Guy Little Guy Promotions is the resource for you.

Your order with BGLG will deliver to you quality screen printed or embroidered apparel.  Because being consistent, creating quality goods, and delivering great customer service for our clients are all super important to us, we now offer you more super coolness… a trusted line of industry apparel in a reliable shade of black… black across the board… and it’s called jet black.  And the range of apparel coming in jet black is huge!

We have jet black tshirts, jet black organic tshirts (they’re eco friendly), jet black short sleeve tshirts, jet black long sleeve tshirts, jet black pocket tshirts (they’re hip), jet black ring spun cotton tshirts (they’re soft!), jet black 50/50 tshrits (they don’t shrink), jet black sport shirts, jet black hoodies, jet black full zip hoodies, jet black sweatpants, jet black youth tshirts, and even jet black turtlenecks.

Yep, if you need screen printing and embroidery done on jet black… a true and consistent black… then call BGLG at 888.987.2454(BGLG) to order jet black corporate or team apparel.  We got your black.

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Custom Wicking Beanie

custom wicking beanie

embroidered performance beanie has moisture wicking lining

Take that sweat!

Ok runners… is it cold outside for your little head?  Are your ears turning fire engine red from the prickly cold air while you run on the trails?  Your running team needs some running gear to protect you from the shivering and biting cold and other wintery outdoor elements. Yes coaches, this is for you too… your team needs a nice comfy warm head to keep your runners comfortable and their brains functioning at the right temperature so they can help their bodies out-run their opponents.  Do your peeps a favor and wrap their heads up properly… all while keeping the spirit high with your team name, mascot, logo, etc embroidered on the side!  Hurray for custom beanies!

Beanies are great yet most knit caps are made of 100% acrylic fabrics that seem to soak up the body’s sweat in an inefficient manner.  You want some sort of custom beanie that has a wicking fabric, meaning the moisture of your body is pulled from the skin and hair and transporting it away from the body, keeping our little running body’s warm AND dry.

We’ve a good selection of options so give us a holler and we’ll get  you all geared up with our custom wicking beanies.

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Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg wears Performance Softshell Jackets like “The North Face”: Now be like him!


I get it. You were waiting to make sure that it is not just a silly fad to go ahead and get that Performance Fleece Softshell. Well here’s the deal… If this 24 year old BILLIONAIRE says it’s cool, then it’s definitely cool. You remember the stupid game ‘Simon Says’?? Well, Mark Zuckerberg tells Simon what to say. Shoot. HE TAUGHT Chuck Norris everything about Martial Arts!

Now, you may be thinking, wow, that is a far stretch to bring in customers based on what one guy wears out and about, but look at it this way: This young man can wear whatever the heck he wants to wear. The fact that he wears this article of clothing frequently means that IT’S COOL. If you haven’t already purchased a jacket like this, you need to. Fair enough? Good. Now, that is where we come in. What Big Guy Little Guy does is gets you the best prices on performance outerwear, shirts, or anything else promotional. 

How cool would it be to have a  group, fraternity or team SO EXCLUSIVE that when you join, you get a Softshell jacket with your embroidered, screen printed, or etched logo? That’s hot. It would kind of be like  Grease with John Travolta when all the girls have pink jackets, except this time it would be cool. 

This type of clothing is not an opportunity, it’s A MOVEMENT. My question to you is: ARE YOU MOVING? 


You stay classy.

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The North Face Softshell Inexpensive Imitation Custom Printed Orders!


These jackets are the coolest alternatives to buying authentic The North Face jackets for your employees, team, fraternity, or group. These bad boys are manufactured to the same specifications that the awesome “The North Face” jackets are. They are designed to look exactly like their more expensive counterpart!

You can have your corporate logo, shield, sign or anything either embroidered, screen printed or etched on to the jackets for only a couple of bucks more per jacket!

Now your basketball team will show up in style with jackets that shout “who’s the boss now?” Shoot, these will even make your chess team look good. And at only $45 a piece??!! That’s a steal. Go ahead. Price around. You won’t find a jacket this cool with a price this hot! Email for a quote! We do large and small orders!

“But what about quality? I have heard that you get what you pay for! Will these shirts fall apart after a couple of times through the wash?” Nope. When it comes to the clothing industry, to a certain extent, you DO pay for quality. BUT, a lot of the price is just in the name. Now, I am not allowed to tell you that most brand names and generic names are made in the SAME FACTORIES with the SAME FABRICS to the SAME SPECIFICATIONS. Since I am not allowed to tell you that, I won’t. And I’ll leave it at that.


Thanks All!

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Custom The North Face Softshell Style Jackets with YOUR Corporate Logo!

How many company t-shirts/ jackets do you have stored in your closet that you have no intentions on wearing? “Thanks boss, for that long sleeve screen printed company tee, but now goodwill is having a hard time getting rid of it.” The reality is that many employees aren’t interested in their company’s mission statement or long history of accomplishments. They may not want to be a walking billboard for their company, especially when they are off work.

How about this? Brand names like The North Face, Colombia, and Mountain Sportswear have seized the market. Their products are considered extremely cool and practical. How do YOU capitalize on this? How about giving your employees similar shirts, jackets, hats, etc. with YOUR company logo in the same familiar spots that you normally see brand names like The North Face Logo? This would actually encourage employees to WANT to wear their company gear during and outside of their 40 hours/wk!

What would this type of promotional jacket run you? Under $40. How cool is that?! You are getting the type of jacket that usually sells for $90 for under half the price with YOUR name on it!

More exposure = more revenue in the long run!



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