Custom Neoprene Lunch Bag with Your Logo

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The neoprene lunch bags, especially the Built neoprene lunch bags, are very popular.  BGLG can custom your neoprene lunch bag with your logo for employee gifts, premium trade show give-aways, incentives, school promotions, fundraisers, and more.  It’s a practical, everyday product and great for your promotional product #brandswag.

Built neoprene lunch bags are the most popular, widely seen lunch bags, sometimes the savings of going with a non-brand promotional product are important to your budget.  And if you can save a few dollars per lunch bag, it may be the right choice for you.

This custom neoprene lunch bag with your logo will look and feel like a quality brand, yet go easier on your promotional budget.  It comes in a purple or pink with patter, lime, blue, or black.  It has a 5-can capacity and a zipper closure.  It’s a sure winner for you with your logo!

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Custom BYO Lunch Bag by Built

Custom Built lunch bags, bottle totes, and tech accessories
BYO lunch bags by Built are some of the hottest neoprene lunch bags in stores.  BGLG will add your logo to the BYO neoprene lunch bags to create a custom lunch box promotional product that will be the hit of your brand swag.  Built is a trendy retail line of neoprene constructed lunch totes, wine and bottle totes, laptop cases and sleeves, iPad and Tablet cases and sleeves, household companions, and small tech and camera cases.

Built Gourmet Lunch Tote
Built Gourmet Lunch Tote

You can find many of these items at your local Target stores.

Contact BGLG when you want to do a great corporate promotional product, co-branding your image with a strong and trusted retail brand like Built brand products.  Co-branding your brand with Built brand products products is a sure win for you.

The custom Built lunch bags and accessories come in a variety of styles… such as:

Custom Built Sandwich Bags

Custom BYO by Built Express Lunch Box

Custom BYO by Built Chomp Lunch Bag

Custom BYO by Built Rambler Lunch Bag

Custom Built Gourmet Getaway Mini Lunch Tote

Built Tasty Lunch Tote
Built Tasty Lunch Tote

Custom Built Convertible Lunch Cooler

Custom Built Tasty Lunch Tote

Custom Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote

Custom Built Bento Sandwich Box

Custom Built Spicy Relish Lunch Tote

Custom Built Rolltop Expandable Lunch Bag

Custom Built Everyday Tote

Custom Built Crosstown Lunch Bag

Built Everyday Tote
Built Everyday Tote

We carry a huge selection of Built neoprene products we can add your logo to, so please contact us for help today.

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Personalized Alta Tritan Water Bottle with Sleeve

Another Hot New Product that we just added to our online store is the Alta Tritan Water Bottle!  This 24 oz Copolyester Water Bottle has 16 different Sleeve options!  You can put your logo on the bottle or a 1-color print on the sleeve!

This Alta Tritan Water Bottle with Sleeve is BPA Free Tritan Copolyester, which is FDA Compliant Material, and has a Neoprene Sleeve.  This Bottle comes with a screw on, spill resistant lid and a flip up drink thru spout with Straw.  This Custom Water Bottle also comes with a hinged strap with clasp!  Wow that’s a lot of features!

With all the Sleeve Color options you can create a bottle with your favorite team colors!  We even have a CAMO option!  I know Little Guy will like that!

We also have a low minimum for this Alta Tritan Water Bottle!

Check it out in our store!  Like it on Facebook or Tweet about it!

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iPhone Sleeves

iPhone® 4s was just announced with the same dimensions, but all new insides!  Why not get a Custom Neoprene iPhone® 4 or iPhone 4s Sleeve to protect your most prized possession?

This iPhone® 4 Case is made of protective neoprene (the wetsuit material).  Designed specifically to fit the iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s.  Plush inner lining helps protect against scratches.  It’s Form-fitting design secures iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s in place.  It has an elastic opening and bottom grips provide easy access to iPhone® 4 and iPhone® 4s.

We now offer 3 New Colors for the Neoprene Sleeve and our new Low Minimum of 6 units with FREE GROUND SHIPPING!



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Custom Built Neoprene iPhone Sleeve

Check out this Neoprene Sleeve for the iPhone® or iPod® made by Built!  If you invested in an iPhone®, then you better invest in extra protection for this stunning smartphone.  You can get all the protection you need with this Personalized Neoprene iPhone® and iPod® Sleeve.

The plush inner lining helps prevent scratches, and the neoprene keeps your phone safe from bumps, jolts, and the precarious life inside your bag. It’s easy to access with the elastic opening, and the form-fitting design keeps your phone secure. If you own an iPhone®, this is a must have.

All those businesses out there that have switched company phones to the iPhone®, customize this Neoprene iPhone Sleeve with your company logo and hand them to your employees!  Trust me, these are far cheaper to purchase than new iPhones®!

Here are the features:

  • Made of protective neoprene (the wetsuit material)
  • Form-fitting design secures iPhone® or iPod® touch in place
  • Plush inner lining helps protect against scratches
  • Elastic opening provides easy access to phone
  • Stain resistant
  • Machine wash cold, drip dry

W 3.5″ X H 5.5″ X D .5″
(W 8.8cm X H 14cm X D 1.3cm)

Available Color: Black, Lime, Fuchsia


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Custom Water Bottles: Get BPA Free Water Bottles with Logo!!!

The original 24 oz ALTA BPA free water bottle that you can customize with your logo, message, ad, etc… I love that you can put your logo on the neoprene sleeve and the bottle too if you’d like.

Yes I said neoprene sleeve.  This great feature keeps your drink from “sweating” and keeps your hands and the table dry when you need it that way.

Low minimum buying with as few as 36 units, and you can get them on special pricing in 2009 for as low as $6.99 each.

February 2013 UPDATE: 2013 special thru March as low as $5.99!!!

February 2013 FULL-COLOR UPDATE: Now available with full-color print on sleeve!!!

Not only are there 16 water bottle sleeve color choices there are also four bottle color choices!  With four bottle colors and 16 sleeve colors available you have many options for a final bottle choice?  Are you wondering if you can mix and match now?  Probably, but you better contact us to make sure!

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