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Beach Nik: Custom Drink Holder for the Beach

Custom drink holder

Custom Beach Nik

Put your Brand in the Sand with Custom Drink Holders!

Brand the beach with the Beach Nik, the  hottest new custom drink holders for the beach!

Ever set your drink down when you’re lying on the beach and your drink falls over?  I know I have.  So you get smart and dig a small hole in the sand so your drink won’t fall over, but then you have sand all over your drink!  BGLG Promos has a solution!  It’s the Beach Nik!  These custom drink holders are simply plastic cups with a spike in the bottom to hold it in the sand!  Now you have the perfect place for your beer, I mean drink, so that it won’t fall over or get sand all over the bottom.

You like convenience right?  One of the best things about the Beach Nik is it’s easily washable.  It’s also stackable, so you can take four or five with you to the beach without taking up so much space.  Custom drink holders come in eleven different colors, and they’re customizable with your company logo!  Boom! Brand awareness at the beach drinking Mai Tais!

Not only are these custom Beach Niks great for your drinks, but you can put your custom sunglasses, car keys, phone, snacks or any item you want inside the Beach Nik to keep it out of the sand!  These custom drink holders aren’t just for the beach and sand… think concerts, grass lawns, volleyball, baseball and soccer games, picnics and theater in the park, weekends at the lake, camping, parades, or nearly anything you do outside where there is ground… the custom Beach Nik is the perfect, inexpensive promo merchandise for your brand to share in the fun!

And seriously, check out that link to the custom sunglasses. 😉

custom promotional merchandise

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24 oz Tumblers with Colorful Lid-Custom Tervis Style!

Custom 24 oz Acrylic TumblersLooking for Tervis, but don’t want to pay Tervis prices?  Here is the perfect 24 oz Acryic Tumbler that will give you that same Tervis look with a great price!  This acrylic tumbler is awesome and one of our top sellers this year!

24oz Lid Colors

This Custom 24 oz Acrylic Tumbler comes in 9 great lid colors.  Match your logo with one of these hot lid colors or compliment your logo with a pop!  Bright colors are popular and trendy right now and we just added 4 bright new colors!

These personalized acrylic tumblers are BPA Free, double wall insulated to keep your beverages hot or cold longer.  With the small bottom, they will fit in most cup holders!

These are great handouts at tradeshows, party gifts, or use them as a way to say thanks for all you do.  My wife just got one of these from the hospital for nurses week.  She uses it everyday!  What a great promotion!

Check out our other acrylic tumbler sizes!  They are so popular, we even sell them blank!

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Water Infuser: Custom Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser

Water Infusers are very popular in the promotional products industry.  Here is a new Custom Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser!

Make your brand stand out with one of these 10 different infuser colors!  Here’s the scoop: 27 oz single wall tritan copolyester bottle with threaded lid and color accent infuser and flip top cap.

This Custom Water Bottle Infuser is a perfect to-go bottle for maxium brand awareness.

Contact us for a custom quote to put your logo on this Infuser Bottle or click below to order now!

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Personalized Bubba Kegs

bubba keg

52oz Bubba Keg, Contact BGLG at 888.987.2454(BGLG) to order your personalized Bubba Kegs today.

Time to put your logo on the Bubba Keg, made by bubba brands, the thermal hydration experts.  You’re not just putting your logo on a keg-like tumbler, you’re putting your logo on a specially designed product, engineered to keep your drinks hot or cold for as long as needed.  The Bubba Keg has a strong reputation for quality and performance… and that is the kind of character most companies would appreciate aligning with.  It’s time for personalized Bubba Kegs.

As stated by bubba brands… “think of bubba brands as you would your friend, your best friend, someone that is reliable, trustworthy, friendly, dependable, approachable, sociable and a good companion. someone you can count on through thick and thin. it is our desire to have bubba products go along with you in your life.  bubba will be there for you no matter what you are doing. whether you are at work, driving in the car, working out at the gym, relaxing at home, doing yardwork, watching tv, hanging out with family or partying with friends, bubba is there.”

Even I want bubba to be my friend now!  And your employees and customers will love their personalized bubba kegs too.  They say money can’t buy friends, but whoever said that obviously never met bubba.

And bubba has family too!  We carry the 20oz, 34oz, and 52oz Bubba Kegs all ready to add your logo.

The 20oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 20 ounces. Baby Bubba Keg has a flip top lid and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

The 34oz Bubba Keg… BPA Free! Holds 34 ounces Dual wall insulated beverage mug. Stainless steel outer and plastic inner combination.

The 52oz Bubba Keg… Our largest mug available! Holds 52 ounces. Bubba Keg TM has a flip top, spill-proof o-ring fitted cap. Flip top and bottle opener at bottom of handle. Stainless steel and plastic combination.

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Acrylic Tumblers with Straw: Glitter Cups in Colors Available!!!

acrylic tumblers with straw

Blank or With Your Logo

Our most popular tumbler, the 16oz acrylic cup with lid and straw, is now available in glitter colors.  The 16oz double walled acrylic glitter cup with lid and straw will glamorize your custom logo or design! Hurray for glittery goodness!!!

Personally, I think it’s cool that the glitter is on the inside of the sealed double wall.  That means the glitter can’t get out!  Why is that good? I have a friend with three daughters in dance.  They have glitter costumes, and glitter clothes, and glitter jewelry, and glitter make up.  I think glitter is embedded in every fabric in the house.  It’s on the floor, the pillows… probably even just floating in the air.  Every time I visit her at her house, I end up leaving with glitter on me. And you know glitter… it doesn’t just come off!  It’s there, on me.  And if you try and rub it off it just goes deeper in.  It’s crazy!

So glitter on me… not so good.  Glitter sealed inside your glittery good acrylic tumbler with straw… soooo good! We offer these acrylic tumblers with straws blank or with your logo glamorized on the side or fully wrapped around the glitter cup.

Glitter tumblers with straws are a great way to mix up your acrylic tumbler with straw collection.

Order your custom glitter cups from BGLG today!

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glitter cups

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Go Contigo for your Custom Cups

Go Contigo! Custom Contigo is Here!

custom Contigo

Now you can put your logo on custom Contigo brand travel mugs and water bottles. Go Contigo!  Contigo is a leading drinkware brand, with innovative creations like AUTOSEAL and AUTOSPOUT technologies.

What do all these fancy words mean?

Well, with custom Contigo cups and water bottles your drinking spouts automatically seal between sips to prevent spills, leaks, and wet and sticky messes.  This AUTOSEAL technology, combined with the vacuum sealed technology of some goods, also helps your hot drinks stay hot longer and your cold drinks stay cold longer.

And with the AUTOSPOUT technology, the simple pop up drinking spout allows you to keep hydrated with ease; and by ease, we’re talking one-handed ease.  You can drink worry free now, knowing you can keep on texting, shuffling through your play list, riding your bike WITH handlebars (0r at least one), and driving with at least one hand on the wheel.

When you want custom cups and custom water bottles, go Contigo… custom Contigo! Put your logo on Contigo cups and water bottles to create a quality, reliable product to represent your brand.

Custom Contigo is the perfect premium promotional merchandise choice when creating a top-of-the-line impression.  These will create more than a great first impression.  Custom Contigo will create a lasting impression the your customers, staff and associates will appreciate day-to-day, month-to-month, and for years to come!

Available today!

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16 oz double wall (BPA free) Tritan copolyester water bottle with coconut filter

I posted a video about this product a couple weeks ago on our Facebook page, which if you haven’t already, please Like us, and now stock has finally arrived!  Introducing the 16 oz double wall (BPA free) Tritan copolyester water bottle with filter!

This Double Wall bottle contains a 3-Stage replaceable coconut filter that reduces up to 99.99% of contaminants in your drinking water!  This filter is will filter up to 25 gallons of water or up to 200 uses and the best thing about this filter is that it is replaceable and you can order your own filters as needed!

This 16 oz Double Wall water bottle is BPA Free and comes in 10 available straw colors!  Mix and Match to meet our very low minimum of 24 bottles.  These straws also flip up so they are spill resistant!

Check out this video for details on this bottle and filter!


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24 oz Single Wall (BPA free) Eastman Tritan Copolyester Bottle with Threaded lid

I love water bottles!  My wife tells me I have too many of them, but I say “they’re just samples….I promise!” 😉

Why do I love water bottles?  Because they are so earth friendly!  No, I’m not talking about the ones we drink once out of then recycle.  I’m talking about nice hard plastic 24 oz , BPA FREE, Copolyester Bottles that you can use over and over and over again!

These Single Wall Bottles have a very sleek and cool shape to them.  They come with a threaded lid so you don’t spill while riding your mountain bike down your favorite single track!  Watch out for those trees!  Oh-I just thought of a new tag line for these: Take Your Single Wall on Your Single Track!

The best thing about these bottles is they come in 9 colors and as you can see in the pic above, you can mix up your lid colors!  Buy them blank or put you logo on these custom water bottles and show the world that you care!

Contact us know for a Custom Quote!

or Order them Blank Now!

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Add Color to Your Personalized Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Lid & Straw

Add color to your custom clear tumblers with these colorful lids.  You can now choose a lid color to accent the color of your logo or personalized imprint.  This is now available at no additional charge on our most popular personalized 16oz clear acrylic tumbler with lid and straw.  Add your logo or get these blank, and then choose a lid color to accent your personalized acrylic tumbler and stand out from all the rest.

It’s also available on our single wall triton copolyester personalized wide mouth 24 and 32 oz bottles… available blank or with your logo.

Custom printed drinkware continue to be our biggest selling promotional product for 2012.  They’re practical for fundraising, corporate gifts, and tradeshow giveaways… They have a good perceived value, yet their price point makes them affordable for all budgets.

So when your promotion requires some colorful expression… try these new colored lids for your personalized tumblers and water bottles.  Available for purchase in our online store!

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20 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Swirly Straw

Sometimes Bigger is Better!  Do you hate refilling your 16 oz Acrylic Tumblers over and over?  Well now you don’t have to fill your Acrylic Tumblers quite as often!  Introducing the NEW 20 oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with the popular Swirly Straw!

Crazy Straws, Twisty Straws, Swirly Straws…doesn’t matter what you call them, they are the new hotness!

Buy these Blank 20 oz Double Wall BPA free Acrylic Tumblers and decorate them yourself, or let us put your logo on them!  These colors are bright and vibrant and such to attract attention to your Brand!

WARNING: You WILL get people asking you where you got this Acrylic Tumbler from!  And of course you will say: “The Greatest Promotional Products Distributor in the World, Big Guy Little Guy!”

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