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Custom Contigo Mug Byron

Spill-Proof Branding with the Custom Contigo Mug:

The 16oz Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mug with SnapSeal Technology

This new custom Contigo mug, the Byron, includes Contigo’s SnapSeal technology.  The one-piece leak-proof SnapSeal lid is quick and easy to clean and it prevents leaks too.  Wow… kind of a no-brainer for businesses that prevent leaks and clean up spills.  BP, how about you? Do it!

custom Contigo mugBut is this technology difficult to use?  Up is open.  Down is closed.  Done.  Wait!  Not done.  The stainless steel tumbler also features Contigo’s Thermalock vacuum insulated mug with a comfortable grip that makes this the perfect beverage delivery device for both left and right handed drinkers.  Once again, a no-brainer for ambidextrous drinkers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is by far the most technologically sound drinkware container we’ve ever seen, and it’s quite possibly one of the most amazing, advanced examples of drinkware in recorded history.  As a matter of fact, ancient alien astronaut theorists believe this drinkware technology could have only been delivered by the hand of, that’s right, aliens.  I mean it’s even BPA free!!!

The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe, and the mug diameter has been constructed to fit most car cup-holders.  I wonder if Contigo made R2-D2.

Every time I think of a custom Contigo mug I remembercustom Contigo mug the words of two of our clients… a representative from the United States Marine Corp and another from an ad agency in Minnesota both told me that after their organizations each researched via the world wide interwebs for the best quality drinkware available, Contigo was hands down the best choice.  In fact, both clients told me personally, if they couldn’t do the custom Contigo mug for their brands, they wouldn’t bother branding drinkware.  I don’t know about you, but to me, that is powerful!

Consider a custom Contigo mug for your next promotional merchandise project, and we here at BGLG Promos will be happy to help you with custom Contigo, and many other custom promotional products.

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Contigo Offers Spill-Proof and Leak-Proof Coffee Mugs: Custom Congito

custom coffee mug

16oz West Loop Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

And we will add your logo!!! Yes, we can! We create custom Contigo for you! We will print your logo on the Contigo West Loop Coffee Mug, a 16oz spill-proof and leak-proof coffee mug.  The AUTOSEAL technology prevents unwanted leaks and spills.  You simply press the button with your finger and sip away.  As soon as you release the button, the lid seals.  Magic!  Well, really, smart brainy drinkware technology.  Hurray for geeks!

Custom coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional products being used. Why?  They are practical! This doesn’t mean you have to avoid the custom coffee mug for your own promotional products to be unique.  You can simple choose to step up your game.  Many of the coffee mugs available for promotional products are average, or sub-retail quality. Few are of a retail quality.  Now, you can get a true retail brand.  Let your competitor choose a cheap brand for their custom coffee mug, and those mugs will likely be tossed or lost to the back of cupboards.  People today know and want quality products.

With the Contigo West Loop, the vacuum insulated stainless steel body keeps drinks hot up to 4 hours and cold up to 12 hours.  It is made of 100% FDA-approved materials.

Available in six colors.  And hurray for Contigo and custom coffee mugs and Big Guy Little Guy and coffee!

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Custom Contigo: Contigo is Great for Custom Water Bottles

custom water bottle

Add Your Logo!

Put your logo on this 24oz BPA Free Contigo AUTOSEAL water bottle.

custom water bottles

Contigo is an excellent choice for your company’s custom water bottle because it is a quality brand with many benefits over traditional, cheap water bottles.

Contigo water bottles are 100% BPA free.

Congigo’s patented AUTOSEAL lid is 100%spill-proof and 100% leak-proof.

The Tritan copolyester construction means the custom water bottle is high impact resistant and won’t stain or retain odors.

To drink, simple press to sip and release to seal.

Built in clip on lid makes it easy to attach the bottle for easy, hands-free carrying.

We offer this Congito water bottle in seven colors, and we can add your logo to create a custom water bottle on any of the colors.
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Go Contigo for your Custom Cups

Go Contigo! Custom Contigo is Here!

custom Contigo

Now you can put your logo on custom Contigo brand travel mugs and water bottles. Go Contigo!  Contigo is a leading drinkware brand, with innovative creations like AUTOSEAL and AUTOSPOUT technologies.

What do all these fancy words mean?

Well, with custom Contigo cups and water bottles your drinking spouts automatically seal between sips to prevent spills, leaks, and wet and sticky messes.  This AUTOSEAL technology, combined with the vacuum sealed technology of some goods, also helps your hot drinks stay hot longer and your cold drinks stay cold longer.

And with the AUTOSPOUT technology, the simple pop up drinking spout allows you to keep hydrated with ease; and by ease, we’re talking one-handed ease.  You can drink worry free now, knowing you can keep on texting, shuffling through your play list, riding your bike WITH handlebars (0r at least one), and driving with at least one hand on the wheel.

When you want custom cups and custom water bottles, go Contigo… custom Contigo! Put your logo on Contigo cups and water bottles to create a quality, reliable product to represent your brand.

Custom Contigo is the perfect premium promotional merchandise choice when creating a top-of-the-line impression.  These will create more than a great first impression.  Custom Contigo will create a lasting impression the your customers, staff and associates will appreciate day-to-day, month-to-month, and for years to come!

Available today!

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Personalized Tervis-Like Tumblers

We continue to see the Tervis double walled tumblers everywhere… they’re a big hit these days!  Well, you can get both Tervis brand and unbranded Tervis-like personalized tumblers with your company or group logo on them. The popular custom printed double walled acrylic tumbler with lid and straw are wonderful and still a big hit… yet the custom printed Tervis and Tervis-like tumblers could very well top them with their growing popularity.  The draw is that unlike the custom printed double walled acrylic tumblers with lid and straw, the custom printed Tervis and Tervis-like tumblers are great for both hot and cold drinks.  It’s all about practicality… ya think!?!  I do.

So whether you want the custom printed Tervis brand tumbler or a custom printed Tervis-like tumbler, we’ve got you covered.  Now the personalized Tervis-like tumbler we sell in our store now looks a lot like the Tervis tumblers, but these 16oz double walled plastic tumblers


(coming to our store soon) are really only like the Tervis brand in that they have a double walled construction.  The double walled construction keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold without all the “sweating” that creates a mess all over your table.

This is a great idea for your customer and employee holiday gifts too!

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Custom Water Bottles: Get BPA Free Water Bottles with Logo!!!

The original 24 oz ALTA BPA free water bottle that you can customize with your logo, message, ad, etc… I love that you can put your logo on the neoprene sleeve and the bottle too if you’d like.

Yes I said neoprene sleeve.  This great feature keeps your drink from “sweating” and keeps your hands and the table dry when you need it that way.

Low minimum buying with as few as 36 units, and you can get them on special pricing in 2009 for as low as $6.99 each.

February 2013 UPDATE: 2013 special thru March as low as $5.99!!!

February 2013 FULL-COLOR UPDATE: Now available with full-color print on sleeve!!!

Not only are there 16 water bottle sleeve color choices there are also four bottle color choices!  With four bottle colors and 16 sleeve colors available you have many options for a final bottle choice?  Are you wondering if you can mix and match now?  Probably, but you better contact us to make sure!

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