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Personalized Mason Jars are Hot Promotional Items!

custom mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, double walled acrylic with lid, straw, and handle

Personalized Mason Jars are the New Hotness!

Personalized mason jars have been one of the hottest promotional merchandise items of 2013, 2014, and continue to be hot in 2015.  And styles of customized mason jars have been growing.  From the traditional single-walled glass mason jar without a handle, then with a handle, then acrylic, then double walled acrylic, and now in stainless steel, the personalized mason jar tumbler options just keep growing.  Here are a few options for personalized mason jars to help guide you in your decision making process.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 1: Glass. “Budget” glass.  You can have no handle or with a handle.  Customized glass mason jars are the least expensive option.  It’s still a classy options… go retro!

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 2: Single-walled acrylic. “Acrylic” is in, and if you want to roll with the big guys but spend like the little guys, single walled mason jars with no handle are the way to go.  They are great for low price point promotions that look and feel popular.

personalized mason jars

Personalized Mason Jars, stainless steel with lid and straw

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 3: Double-walled acrylic. “Double Walled Acrylic” is hot.  It doesn’t sweat, it is considered “insulated”, and if you’re sporting a handle, you’re just plain maxed out with features.  This is what people shopping retail are looking for!  So with this option, you have the highest perceived value.

Personalized Mason Jars, Option 4: Stainless steel. “Stainless Steel” is tough! Tough stuff, and tough to beat! They are a 30oz capacity, making them huge!  And, right now they’re still single-walled, which means they do “sweat”.  Their durable and tough steel construction likely make them the manliest way to sport a customized mason jar tumbler.

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16 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Tumblers

Stainless Steel is Back!  Not too long ago our Stainless Steel water bottle were flying off the “shelves”, until Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers took over!  So why not combine the best of both worlds?!

Introducing the 16 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler!

These Stainless Steel Tumblers are vacuum insulated with push on silicone lids.  They can be used for Hot or Cold Drinks!  The Double Wall Construction keeps you from burning your hands or keeps the Cold sweat off the outer layer!  This is the most High Quality Stainless Steel Tumbler on the market!

The Silicone Lids for this Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler come in 12 Colors!  Tumbler comes in both Stainless Steel and Matte Black!

Mix N Match at no additional charge and Free Ground Shipping when purchased at!

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