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Classier Custom Swag… Stainless Steel Drinkware

leeds 1620-26When you need your swag to impress your recipient… consider this.  Stainless steel represents durability, longevity, quality, and strength.  The sleek design and foam insulated double wall construction make this a premium worthy of any logo.  Laser etching and personalization make it an even better buy for your custom imprinted stainless mug needs.

Though custom printed stainless steel water bottles are the hit right now there are two things to consider about them.  Their single wall construction allows for condensation and they do not keep hot liquids hot or cool liquids cool… for very long anyway.

Offering a custom printed double-wall stainless steel mug is a premium alternative to today’s popular choice.

One piece gift box included with a minimum purchase of 48 units.

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Taking Your Custom Printed Stainless Steel Promos to the Next Level

ets design image 1Yes… here I go again on more info about custom printed stainless steel water bottles.  Why again?  Because we sell so many!  They’re our hottest item this year and we’ve become experts at selling them.  More companies and groups buy them for promotions, more users get them, more people see them, and more people want them!  They’re awesome and people do not throw them away.

You can put your hot little logo across the bottle by itself… but think about what your water bottle user may enjoy sporting… it’s really easy to go from simple to amazing without breaking your bank.

Search our gallery of stock images, pick your bottle, pick your imprint colors, we drop your logo in the mix and bang! You’re swag has a look people will love to sport!

ets design image 3

See how easy that is!  Check out a few of the designs below… really your only limited by your imagination and the imprint area.  We have many stock design templates to choose from if you don’t have the in-house creativity to do your own design.  Or, if you need us to create something custom for you, we’re happy to do that too.

ets design image 2

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Custom Printed BPA Stainless Steel Water Bottles for the Big Mouth

Yep… whether you’re a big mouth, have a big thirst, or you need a heavy (heavier than average) reserve of water at your side to wash sand off your face or for a quick swig of water while you’re in a desert, or at the beach if your’e not a soldier… well, this wide mouth 40oz stainless steel water bottle is perfect… right now in the custom printed drinkware world 40oz is as big as they get so this is it.

Customized 40 oz Wide Mouth!

ets wide mouthHow much? If you only need 36 you got it for $9.99 with 1-color.  If you can swing 144+ they’re yours for $7.99 with 1-color.  Multi-color imprints and stock art templates are available.  Oh yeah… they’re BPA free too.

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Brand New Custom Printed Stainless Steel Water Bottles on Special!

Check out this new customizable 25oz capacity stainless steel water bottle.  It’s new, it’s quality, it’s got a sport cap, it’s quality durable stainless steel, it’s got a flip top lid to cover the built in sport cap.  Rather than screen printing the outside or laser etching as some even do, this one offers a special dome imprint (1 3/4″w x 3/4″h) that is sure to make your logo look marvelous on the bottle.  Did I mention they’re BPA free?


It’s available on special thru August 31st, 2009 for $5.99 each for a minimum 120 units.  However, if you need as few as 48 units you can have this beauty for only $6.29 each.  The set-up is nominal at $45.00 and includes up to 4 standard imprint colors.  You can do four color process on the dome for an additional $.25 per unit, and PMS color matching is available for an additional $25 set-up per color.

Now you’re not only limited to this…  You can also get this beauty as a gift set with with companion multi-function pedometer, velvet drawstring pouch, and hang tag that doubles as a key ring.  This is also on special for $10.99 thru August 31st, 2009.  Additional set-ups apply, as well as different run charges for full-color process.


We sell a lot of stainless steel water bottles here at Big Guy Little Guy, and this is a great deal!

**If you’re wondering… why custom printed stainless steel water bottles?  Well, they’re BPA Free which means “hurray no chemicals that are harmful to your human body”, *and* they’re so durable you can keep using them over and over saving you money from buying more as well as being a great eco-friendly alternative to throw-away bottles.

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Custom Printed Stainless Steel Waterbottles… Now available in low quantities

bd-swb5000Yes that’s right, you can now buy your custom printed stainless steel water bottles in small quantities, yes with your logo, and you can do it right here.

For some time now these bottles were available at best around 48 units at a reasonable price, with your logo imprinted on them.  Just recently we’ve been able to acquire low quantities (only 25 units) with your logo, *and* the great news is the price is wonderful.  Wonderful!?! It’s beyond wonderful.  Though we’d love to take credit, we give the kudos to the great manufacturers who aren’t simply taking advantage of a your desire to promote your company or group with a hot product.

Oh… how much are these custom printed bottles?  This particular line is starting at $5.19 each at a minimum 25 units.  Yes see I told you… it’s a blockbuster deal!  Go for it.

Thanks again and make sure you check out our store for many other eco-friendly product, drink-ware products, and so much

bd-swb5000-sport-lidmore custom printed swag just for you.

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Custom Stainless Steel Mug… with BLING!

bling-mug-topNow that’s smart.  Custom stainless steel water bottles continue to be the hottest promotional product. And so does anything with “bling” on it.  This smart mug is double walled so it’s great for your hot drinks *and* your cold drinks too.  It’s got the oh so popular stainless steel curvy body (the outside) and the second (inner) wall is made of plastic.  It features a drink-thru lid, rhinestone bling exterior trim, and has a narrow enough body to fit many car drink/cup holders which is a very important feature!bling-mug-62-622-l

The local coffee shop I hang at ordered the red acrylic version of this bottle and they were the hottest retail item last winter.  It had a very candy look to it.  This style however has a sleek modern feel.

This baby will hold 14 oz of your favorite beverage and you can custom print your logo, brand or message on one or two sides up to 2-colors.


We offer many styles not available in our online store… you can find images of those in the related topics below, or search our website for stainless steel water bottles.  The h2go series of stainless steel offers high quality stainless steel combined with sturdy design, cool shapes, and awesome stock art for name dropping your logo.

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New Options in Custom Printed Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Again with the custom printed stainless steel water bottles huh? Yes I tell you… they’re so hot!  Okay so I sell them and make a little money so there is that agenda, but I use one every day.  I drop it and it gets beat up, which only adds to the character.mbw-p110

And it always turns heads!

Everyone wants to know where I got the cool bottle.  Add to that the BPA scare, the eco friendly nature of the stainless steel, the cool unique look, AND the most recent write ups about the dangers of dioxin (sp?) levels ingested by pregnant women who drink from water bottles that were exposed to high temperatures… there are many people wanting a new way to carry their water.  We take water to work, gym, out to garden, on hikes, to the kid’s baseball/soccer/swimming/gymnastics events, or even every time we leave the house.  I’m one of those who takes my water bottle everywhere!  It holds 40oz and I drink sooooo much water.  How would I ever survive a hike along the Nile without my fresh water?  I’d have to carry a truckload.

So here’s a new style at a great price and the decoration will be quality which is important too.  I’ve seen some people putting out some $3.50 stainless steel water bottles with imprints that are down right embarrassing.  You want to buy a product with a logo on it that will last, so always make sure your bottles are from a quality supplier.  We do that for you 🙂  Big Guy Little Guy Promotions only sources your custom printed stainless steel water bottles from quality suppliers so you’re guaranteed to be happy :-)!

Check out this deal…


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Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles… SIMPLY HUGE!

stainless-image-2We’ve been talking custom stainless steel water bottles for a year now and the market has simply exploded.  More styles, colors, options, imprint capabilities.  Sweet deals all around.

One of the popular styles, the 24oz bolt, is now available in a HUGE 44oz size bottle for those with a bigger thirst.  It’s also available at a sweet low price of $7.99 for 144 units.  Order more though cuz everyone who sees one will want one and you’ll need enough to pass them out or sell them to every being on this planet.  Put cool artwork on it too.  If you don’t have any cool artwork don’t sweat cuz our stock templates are amazing!

Another great update in custom printed stainless steel water bottles is the sport/pull cap.  You can add it to the wider mouth bottles for only a $1 each.


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Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles… New Designs, Many Colors!

18oz-aviator2Check it out… how do you make custom stainless steel water bottles better???  How about add a little class, more colors, and keep great quality!

How do you add class?  Simply include a leatherette sleeve.  It can add class or even a bit of style with it’s soft feel.  I use my 40oz bottle daily and personally, I think I’d love the leatherette sleeve for comfort.  Also, instead of customizing the leatherette sleeve with a screen or pad print, you custom deboss your logo which makes for a stylish imprint of your brand.

How do you add more colors? Same as above… by adding leatherette sleeves that come in twelve (that’s 12!) different classic and stylish colors!  Beautiful!


This 18oz bottle is still narrow enough to fit many car cup holders, it has a wide mouth for adding ice cubes, is eco-friendly, BPA free, and comes with an optional carabiner for an additional $.50.  That adds up to one of the most beautiful deals for custom stainless steel water bottles available today.  These make great gifts, premium incentives, fundraisers, and retail products.

Personalized stainless steel water bottles are durable, popular, stylish, practical, and very effective ways to market your brand with class!

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Promotional Drinkware: New Star Tumbler

Brand your name with the stars!!! This is a brand new tumbler with stars imprinted on the body and, well, the picture says it all cuz this is so new there’s not a lot of other info available. I do know it’s starting at $3.99 per unit with a minimum 144 units.

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